Get $5000 in cloud credits on SaladCloud

Salad is offering $5000 in credits on SaladCloud for 25 select companies in the Voice & AI community through Modev.

SaladCloud is the world's most affordable cloud for AI/ML inference at scale. With these credits, you can serve inference at scale for all model types like text-to-speech, LLMs, speech-to-text, computer vision & more.

To qualify:

  • Fill out this Demo form with your details
  • Take a qualifying meeting with our team
  • A use case that serves inference at scale (>10 GPU nodes)
  • If approved, credits expire 60 days after your demo

*Terms and conditions apply. Salad Technologies reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Use, at any time.

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Customer testimonials

See how DreamUp uses Salad to reduce cloud costs and fund artists.

“Salad’s GPU Pricing is much better than everywhere else. Salad makes it more realistic to deploy new models. We might never deploy most of them if we had to pay AWS cost for them”
Shawn Rushefsky

Shawn Rushefsky

CEO, Founder Dreamup