Salad's Approach to Abuse

Salad offers a secure, reliable network, helping prevent online abuse and delivering a safe internet for everyone. When it comes to abuse, our ability to respond depends on the nature of the abuse reported. Most abuse reports we receive pertain to content generated using Salad's infrastructure on the edge, while others relate to abuse of our community and infrastructure. We encourage our users to report any abuse or suspicious activity they encounter on our platform, and we will take swift and appropriate actions to resolve them.


Our principles in tackling abuse

Complete transparency

We are committed to being fully transparent in when & how we handle complaints to address abuse on the Salad network.

A robust reporting process

Complainants should have an easily accessible, robust process to report abuse on the platform.

Issue specific

Our responses should reflect the nature of the abuse, the urgency and our ability to address the harm, while minimizing the possiblity of unintended consequences.

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