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Stop overpaying for AI transcription today

Today's AI transcription services rely on high-end GPUs, custom models & expensive clouds, leading to a high cost for you. By utilizing open-source models on the world's most affordable cloud, Salad offers the lowest priced transcription service in the market with unparalleled accuracy, cutting your costs by up to 90%.

Salad GPU cloud
Languages supported
Up to 8333 hrs/mo
8334 to 16,666 hrs/mo
16,667 to 33,333 hrs/mo

Need over 500,000 hours of transcription per year?

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No more custom models & costly APIs

The industry's best-kept secret is that AI-powered transcription shouldn't cost what it does today. But thanks to a needless mix of custom models & expensive GPUs, APIs charge a high price with high margins.  
Leveraging Whisper Large v3 and consumer GPUs, Salad provides highly-accurate transcription for innovative, cost-conscious companies at the lowest cost, helping you stop overpaying for transcription.

Transcripts & Summaries

Gain valuable insights by transcribing 1000s of hours of calls & meetings without breaking the bank.


Get better machine translation economics on Salad's network of GPUs at the lowest market prices.


Get accurate captions to foster a more engaged and diverse audience at low cost while meeting accessibility requirements easily.

Built for Transcription at scale

We're not just about the lowest cost. Our AI-powered pipeline is custom-built with input from industry experts, utilizing a combination of high-quality, open-source models to deliver transcription with unparalleled accuracy, delivering massive savings to you for both audio & video transcription.


Flexible inputs

Supports popular audio (MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.), video (MP4, MOV, FLV, etc.) & customer knowledge (SQL, OWL, JSON, etc.) formats.



Accounts for noise reduction, volume normalization, speech enhancement and accent modification.


Automatic Speech Recogition

High-quality ASR solution with language ID, transcription, diarization & word-level timecoding.


Large Language Models

Top-notch transcription quality with accuracy enhancement, speaker name enhancement, summarization, translation & output conversion through LLMs.

Knowledge Base (RAG)

An accuracy enhancing knowledge base utilizes customer inputs to account for custom vocabulary, rare words, proper nouns, tailored outputs & transcripts.

Use-based outputs

Transcript, summary (JSON, TXT, PDF, DOCX)
closed caption & subtitle (SRT, ASS, SSA, VTT, SUB, IDX/SUB, SAMI, TTML, DFXP, STL).

Salad AI Transcription
accurate & affordable

Democratizing access to transcription with AI

Today, budgets are dwindling for transcription and accessibility within enterprise organizations. At the same time, incumbent APIs are way too expensive to perform large-scale transcription profitably. Salad changes that with the power of open-source models & distributed computing, leading to affordable, accurate transcription.

Take advantage of geo-distributed nodes
Salad's infrastructure includes 1 Million+ distributed nodes and 10K+ consumer GPUs at any time, ready to tackle Millions of hrs of transcription.
Rely on the power of open-source
For most transcription cases, today's open-source models perform comparably or even better than custom developed models from many APIs. By combining appropriate open-source models in a multi-model approach, Salad is bringing high-accuracy, feature-rich transcription at low cost.

Transcription managed start to end for you

Our low prices increase your business profitability while meeting content accessibility & utilization goals with ease.  

No virtual machine management on SaladCloud
Lowest price

We guarantee prices lower than any other API in the market.

Less data costs
High accuracy

Our multi-step, multi-model AI approach delivers top-notch accuracy utilizing leading open-source models.  

Less DevOps
Ease of use

One API to transcribe and deliver ancillary tasks like summarization, translation, captioning and subtitling.

Infinite GPU scalability on cloud
Infinite scalability

Our elastic infrastructure enables you to easily scale from 0 to millions of hours transcribed per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lowest pricing in the market. Simple & Transparent.
No Surprises.

How do I switch to Salad from another API provider?

Switching to Salad is designed to be seamless and cost-effective. The investment includes a one-time setup cost, after which customers can enjoy substantial savings and a high return on investment (~533%) from the very first year.

How does Salad have the lowest prices for transcription in the market?

Unlike other API providers that rely on expensive, high-end GPUs from hyperscalers, Salad's transcription service utilizes our proprietary distributed cloud powered by 1000s of consumer GPUs at the lowest price in the market. This low-cost compute model allows us to offer transcription services at significantly lower prices without compromising on quality. Our tiered pricing model is designed to cater to high-volume needs, providing clear cost advantages as usage scales up.

How does Salad maintain high accuracy in its transcriptions?

Salad employs a combination of open source AI models including Audio Enhancement, Automatic Speech Recognition technology and Large Language Models, which are enhanced by a dedicated Knowledge Base that accounts for custom vocabulary and contextual nuances.

Can you handle complex transcription needs like diarization and accents?

Yes, Salad's service includes diarization to differentiate between speakers and accent modification in the pre-processing stage to handle diverse accents effectively, ensuring high-quality transcription regardless of complexity.

How does Security work on Salad's service?

Every day, 100s of businesses trust Salad infrastructure with their data, thanks to our multi-step security framework ensuring that data is safeguarded at every step of the way. Our SOC-2 compliant cloud infrastructure utilizes end-to-end encryption of your data, isolated processing environments, data sanitization and access controls to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of customer's files.  

Stop overpaying for cloud today!

Consumer GPUs are a perfect fit for many compute workloads like AI inference & batch processing. Read about teams switching from data-center GPUs to consumer GPUs on Salad, unlocking big savings.

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By switching to Salad, Civitai is now serving inference on over 600 consumer GPUs to deliver 10 Million images per day and training more than 15,000 LoRAs per month. Salad not only had the lowest prices in the market for image generation but also offered us incredible scalability.
Justin Maier Civitai

Justin Maier

Founder - Civitai