The Easiest Way to Earn From Your PC

Ready to join the fun?  Start chopping in your very own corner of the Kitchen by downloading Salad.

Windows 10, 11 (64-bit)
For optimal performance, we recommend NVIDIA GPUs 3080 or later paired with a 4-core or higher CPU. You'll also need at least 12 GB of RAM to work our most profitable jobs.

What is Salad?

Salad is a worldwide computesharing community composed of thousand of gamers. Our users, the mighty Salad Chefs, share resources from their idle PCs, power advanced computing projects, and score real-life-rewards.

Earning Rewards

When you leave the keyboard, Salad helps you earn your way to new Steam Games, Discord Nitro, gift cards, and more from the Salad Storefront.  You can even send Salad Balance to Paypal and pay with your PC anywhere.

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Our Community

In our Kitchen, people from nearly 200 countries gather to share compute and redeem millions of rewards per year. Check out our official Discord server to ask over 50,000 real-life Salad Chefs why they love using Salad

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See What Our Chefs Say

"I chose Salad since it was simple to set up. Just make an account, add the app, and go. It's also significantly faster to earn money, and more ethical. People get to set up the workloads your computer makes, and it's all virtualized so there's no threat to your PC."

- Eris

Most of my friends have limited access to an actual income, so even something like $10 they can throw into a game or a subscription makes a difference when it comes to our experience of being online. It might not be a lot, but it's enough to make us smile. So thank you!

-Enya Thomsen

It’s virtually free money, with no downsides. It might seem sketchy at first, but after awhile I realized that there was nothing to worry about, and started to virtually print money.