GPU Cloud for Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Scale easily on 1000s of Nvidia consumer GPUs starting from just $0.02/hour. Run molecular dynamics simulations at scale with our open-source binary for batch processing that includes checkpointing and auto-scaling.

Molecular dynamics simulation on GPUs - Salad

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Molecular dynamics simulation on GPUs - Salad 1

Deploy molecular simulations for less

Large scale molecular simulations and data generation for AI molecular models can be accelerated via GPU-enabled instances. SaladCloud has 1000s of consumer GPUs like the GTX 1660 or RTX 3090, perfect for running large scale molecular dynamics for research or production.

Worldwide GPUs
With more than a million nodes on the network and 10K+ active GPUs at any time, scale easily without worrying about GPU shortages.
Starting price
Salad's network of worldwide consumer GPUs has the lowest GPU prices in the market, enabling massive savings for large scale molecular simulations.