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Simplify and automate the deployment of computer vision models like YOLOv8  on 10,000 consumer GPUs on the edge. Get better cost-performance compared to big clouds and high-end GPUs.

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yolov8 gpu benchmark

Image Tagging

For image tagging applications at scale, Salad’s network of older consumer GPUs offers far higher cost-performance compared to newer, high-end GPUs.

Images tagged/$
The RTX 2080 on SaladCloud tags 309,000 images per $1, a 60x - 300x cost reduction over managed services like Azure.
images per dollar
The GTX1650 GPU on SaladCloud processes more images per dollar for ConvNextV2 Tagger V2 compared to any other GPU in the market.

Object Detection

GPUs are faster than CPUs for models like YOLOv8. On Salad, GPUs start at $0.02/hr delivering significant cost-savings and improved performance - the sweet spot between cheaper CPUs and faster high-end GPUs.

Cheaper than Azure
Deploying object detection on SaladCloud is significantly cheaper compared to big box clouds, thanks to the lowest GPU prices in the market.
per hour cost
Salad's equivalent to Azure's general compute ($0.19 per hour) for processing a live stream.
AI image tagging on GPUs