Salad Container Engine (SCE)

A massively scalable orchestration engine, purpose-built to simplify container development.
Containerize your model, choose the hardware and we take care of the rest. No extra DevOps work or changes to your workflow.

Salad Container Engine gpu cloud

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Fully Managed Container Orchestration

High TCO on popular clouds is a well-known secret. With SaladCloud, you just containerize your application, choose your resources and we manage the rest, lowering your TCO & getting to market quickly.

Dynamically distributes workloads to optimal hardware cohorts in accordance with technical requirements.
3D-accelerated GPU processing on every available node instance.
Support industry standard tooling & kubernetes workflows.
Fully manage container orchestration on SaladCloud
Secure reliable compute environment on SaladCloud

Secure, Reliable Compute Environment

Salad leverages hardware-native virtualization and industry-standard container runtimes to standardize the compute environment across a distributed network of heterogeneous hardware.

Integrates with popular container registries like AWS, Dockethub, etc.
Heartbeat monitoring to assess potential interruptions or other failures.
100% actual resource availability at all times with automatic reallocation.

Purpose-built for

Scale easily to thousands of GPU instances worldwide without the need to manage VMs or individual instances, all with a simple usage-based price structure.

Reduce budget bloat

Save up to 50% on orchestration services from big box providers, plus discounts on recurring plans.

On-demand elasticity

Scale to 10,000+ nodes on demand using our toolkits, or build a custom K8s integration with our simple API.

Optimized usage fees

Pay for exactly what you need with predictable and transparent usage fees billed down to the minute.

Multicloud compatible

Deploy Salad Container Engine workloads alongside your existing hybrid or multicloud configurations.

GPU-Driven Processing

Distribute data batch jobs, HPC workloads, and rendering queues to thousands of 3D accelerated GPUS.

Global Edge Network

Bring workloads to the brink on low-latency edge nodes located in nearly every corner on the planet.