Salad Gateway Service (SGS)

The all-in-one solution for residential IP addresses and bandwidth. Access dedicated proxies and high-throughput edge processors in nearly 200 countries.

Salad Gateway Service

Built to Stream

SGS pre-filters proxies to select the fastest, most reliable connections with access to all desired services.

Global Availability

Access a worldwide network of low-latency edge nodes on demand.

Dedicated IP Address

SGS Tunnels are never shared with more than one customer at a time.

Ethically Sourced

Salad nodes are voluntarily shared by our user community.

Sticky Sessions

Stay for the finale. SGS Sessions persist longer than proxies.

24/7 Swapping

Our node cycling API allows you to remove or switch nodes at any time.

Quality Connections

Salad pre-filters and continuously tests connections to key services.

Salad Gateway Service secure tunneling

How it Works

Salad Gateway Service (SGS) enables secure tunneling through any of Salad's residential hardware nodes. SGS customers benefit from authentic IP addresses, on-demand IP swapping, and reliable connections to virtually anywhere in the world.

SGS is purpose-built to support streaming services, and actively maintains a domain whitelist to preserve the integrity of our best-in-class IP addresses.

Love at First Byte

SGS prefilters nodes for latency and speed to consistently deliver the fastest time to first byte (TTFB) among all providers.

Salad Gateway Service - Data

Speedy Streaming

With higher average throughput and blazingly fast premium nodes, Salad's got the speed you need for smooth streaming.

Salad Gateway Service Fastest Connections

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