Save up to 90% on cloud cost for
Voice AI

Whether you are serving inference for Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, Chatbots or batch translating 1000s of hrs of audio, Salad’s consumer GPUs can reduce your cloud cost by up to 90% compared to managed services and APIs.  

Audio AI - automatic speech recognition with Whisper large

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For use cases like automatic speech recognition (ASR), translation, captioning, subtitling, etc., SaladCloud is cheaper by 90% or more compared to APIs and hyperscalers.

cost per hour
Save 99% On Audio Transcription with self-managed Whisper on Salad.
minutes per dollar
Get a 1000-fold cost reduction with Parakeet TDT 1.1B compared to popular APIs.
Speech to text - Automatic speech recognition with Whisper large on Salad GPU cloud
Text to speech -


Save up to 90% on Text-to-Speech (TTS) inference with Salad’s consumer GPUs. The RTX & GTX series GPUs deliver the best cost-performance for TTS inference.

words per dollar
The RTX 2070 & GTX 1650 deliver almost 6,000,000 words per dollar for TTS use cases with OpenVoice.
words per second
The RTX 3080 Ti delivers 230.4 words per second, offering the best speed-to-cost ratio at just $0.20/hour with OpenVoice.
words per dollar
The RTX 3060 and GTX 1060 delivers 39,000 words per dollar with Bark Text-to-Speech model.

The Lowest Cost For Voice AI Inferece

Voice AI models are perfect for consumer GPUs, giving incredible cost-performance and saving thousands of dollars compared to running on public clouds.
Scale easily to thousands of GPU instances worldwide without the need to manage VMs or individual instances, all with a simple usage-based price structure.


Save up to 98% on transcription costs compared to public cloud with about 60X real-time speed on RTX 3090s.


Get better machine translation economics on Salad's network of GPUs at the lowest market prices.

Captioning / Subtitles

Cut AI captioning/subtitle generation costs by at least 50% on SaladCloud.