From $0.06 per 500 steps

The lowest priced Dreambooth API

Save up to 90% on fine-tuning Stable Diffusion models with the lowest priced Dreambooth API in the market. Whether you are an AI image generation company serving 1000s of fine-tuning per day or a hobbyist dabbling with pesonalized images, Salad Dreambooth API offers an easy-to-use API at the lowest cost.

Salad GPU cloud
Per 500 steps for SD1.5
Per 500 steps for SDXL
Up to 90%
Less cost than other APIs
GPUs for training

Need to fine-tune 100s of Stable Diffusion models per day?

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Run Stable Diffusion training at scale
on dedicated RTX4090s

Running 100s of Stable Diffusion training jobs per day is expensive.
Our Dreambooth API lets you train custom Stable Diffusion 1.5 and SDXL LoRA models
with the full suite of tunable parameters - all at the lowest cost in the market.

Production ready

Train thousands of models without scaling worries. Our API is powered by our distributed cloud with unmatched GPU capacity.

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Fast training on RTX4090

Take advantage of 100s of Stable Diffusion compatible consumer GPUs and get the best cost-performance for Stable Diffusion training.  

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Pay only for what you use

Train as few as 500 steps or as many as you want, pay only for the steps you use, and only when model training is successful.

Deploy fine-tuned models easily

Here's how Salad Dreambooth API works.


Upload images

Upload 20-50 images of the subject - could be a person, animal, product or even samples of different subjects that show a consistent style.


Submit & customize

Submit your training job and customize your parameters accordingly.


Wait for a webhook

Receive a webhook notification when your training job is complete, containing a url to download your model.


Download & use

Download your model to use in any stable diffusion software you want. It is a standard safetensors LoRA file. Known compatible with Automatic1111, ComfyUI, Diffusers.

Switch today. Start saving today.

Dreambooth API Pricing

Unlike other APIs that rely on high-end, expensive GPUs, Salad's Dreambooth API is powered by RTX4090 GPUs on SaladCloud, the world's largest distributed cloud network - keeping the costs low.

Dreambooth API Pricing - Stable Diffusion finetuning
Salad GPU cloud - deployment options

Stable Diffusion training managed start to end

Focus on growing your user base and leave the rest of the work to us.

No virtual machine management on SaladCloud
Lowest price

We guarantee prices lower than any other API in the market.

Less data costs
High availability

With 10K+ GPUs online at any time, we guarantee high availability as you scale your traning and finetuning.

Less DevOps
Expert help

Tap into the expertise of our experts who have built and scaled AI image generation tools.

Infinite GPU scalability on cloud
Sensible billing

Our pricing is use-based. No surprises. Pay only for what you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Salad Dreambooth API

How do I use the model I trained?

Download it from the provided URL and use it in any stable diffusion software that supports LoRA models.
This includes Diffusers, Automatic1111, SD.Next, ComfyUI, and more.

How is the API priced?

We charge you a fixed rate per training step, with the rate dependent on the base model you choose.
For Stable Diffusion 1.5, the cost is $0.06 / 500 steps, which comes out to $0.00012 / step.
For Stable Diffusion XL, the cost is $0.18 / 500 steps, which comes out to $0.0003 / step.
All training jobs have a minimum of 500 steps, and a maximum of 20000 steps. You are only charged for training jobs that complete successfully.

Why is the price so much lower than other services?

Our Dreambooth API's low price is thanks to our unique infrastructure model, securely leveraging under-utilised GPU resources from all over the globe.
Salad has the lowest compute costs in the industry since we do not have to maintain datacenters or purchase high-end enterprise GPUs,
and we pass these savings onto our customers.

Is this Dreambooth API service for individuals or businesses?

Yes to both! Whether you’re just learning about stable diffusion training, but lack your own GPU, or you’re serving millions of AI Avatar images per day,
Salad Dreambooth API is ready for workloads of all scales.

What if a host computer gets interrupted during my training job? Do I just lose it?

No! Your training job will be automatically resumed from its last checkpoint on a different machine, with no action required from you.

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By switching to Salad, Civitai is now serving inference on over 600 consumer GPUs to deliver 10 Million images per day and training more than 15,000 LoRAs per month. Salad not only had the lowest prices in the market for image generation but also offered us incredible scalability.

Justin Maier

Founder - Civitai