Batch jobs and data processing pipelines for a fraction of the cost

Scale easily on 1000s of GPU-enabled containers at a fraction of the cost for massive batch processing jobs. With GPUs starting from $0.02/hour, cut your costs by up to 90% compared to big clouds.

salad gpu cloud distributed architecture

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Speech to text GPU benchmark

Cut costs massively at scale

For massive batch processing jobs generating datasets for training, running financial risk analysis, image processing, transcription, etc., Salad Container Engine is up to 90% more cost effective compared to incumbent batch processing solutions on hyperscalers.

Worldwide GPUs
With more than a million nodes on the network and 10K+ active GPUs at any time, scale easily without worrying about GPU shortages.
Starting price
Salad's network of worldwide consumer GPUs has the lowest GPU prices in the market, enabling massive savings for batch jobs.