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Our unique distributed infrastructure powered by 1000s of consumer GPUs enables us to keep prices low and offer massive scaling options for our users.

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Today, one of the world's largest AI image generators is powered by Salad generating 10 Million+ images per day. Our technical team have built image generation tools themselves. We understand AI image generation at scale and will be happy to jump on a call to discuss your use case.  

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Consumer GPUs are a perfect fit for many compute workloads like AI inference & batch processing. Read about teams switching from data-center GPUs to consumer GPUs on Salad, unlocking big savings.

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By switching to Salad, Civitai is now serving inference on over 600 consumer GPUs to deliver 10 Million images per day and training more than 15,000 LoRAs per month. Salad not only had the lowest prices in the market for image generation but also offered us incredible scalability.
Justin Maier Civitai

Justin Maier

Founder - Civitai