Dedicated Nodes. Better Data.

SaladCloud pre-selects target cohorts of dedicated nodes to address any modeling configuration. Our global network excels at data synthesis and AI/ML workloads.

Data Efficiency

Reduce turnaround time from months to days. Share, test, measure, and qualify data without compromising utility.

Competitive Pricing

Deploy containerized workloads for as little as 10% the cost of comparable cloud services, with a wider range of testing features.

Low-Latency Nodes

With physical nodes in 188 countries, SaladCloud offers low-latency machine resources, no matter where you're located.


Our versatile network pivots with your projects and adapts to any workflow. Salad's enterprise liaisons will keep you on track.

Distributed. Resilient. Affordable.

Salad turns latent compute resources from hundreds of thousands of consumer PCs into available infrastructure. The SaladCloud platform offers a performant distributed solution for as little as 10% the cost of conventional cloud

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