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Join thousands of individuals in our distributed Kitchen. Share compute resources from your idle PC to earn instant rewards.

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Innovation starts with unsung ideas. SaladCloud offers affordable cloud solutions and workload-agnostic infrastructure fit for any use case.

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Joining our computesharing community is as simple as downloading Salad. Our open-source desktop app helps you earn rewards from your idle PC by sharing inactive compute resources—like processing cycles or bandwidth—to the distributed network we call The Kitchen.

Share Compute…

With one click, Salad dynamically connects your PC to the most profitable job available. It's anonymized, secure, transparent—and lucrative. Salad Chefs earn rewards value for their contributions to advanced computing tasks like blockchain validation or bandwidth sharing.

For Epic Loot.

Every year, our users claim millions of rewards from the Salad Storefront. Use the power of your PC to redeem Steam games, Discord Nitro, VISA and Amazon gift cards, in-game DLC, subscriptions to your favorite streaming services, or tons more seriously epic loot.

Compute Cycles, Bandwidth, and Storage.

Submit Your Spec

Our workload-agnostic infrastructure allows us to orchestrate and securely distribute virtually any HPC workload to thousands of trust-verified Salad nodes. Submit technical requirements to begin.

Deploy a Workload

Salad's enterprise liaison will review your requirements, and then reach out to help you deploy on SaladCloud. Our proprietary engineering toolkit can forecast resource availability and guarantee optimal performance using targeted physical hardware cohorts.

Share the Wealth

SaladCloud offers affordable cloud solutions powered by voluntary contributions. A portion of our service fee is distributed back to the individuals whose home hardware is securely running your workload through the Salad desktop client.

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