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What Are Discord Nitro & Discord Nitro Classic?


March 2, 2021

Discord Nitro provides the perfect set of perks to trick out your server. Every month, Salad users claim thousands of Nitro and Nitro Classic subscriptions to unlock benefits like custom emoji, animated avis, and high-quality voice chat for their next tourney. Let's discover everything you get when you pick up a monthly sub.

What Is Salad?

The Salad Storefront as seen in the Salad app.

Salad is a free app that helps you maximize the value of your gaming PC by turning idle compute resources into Steam games, DLC, Minecraft loot, and tons more epic rewards.

Download Salad today to empower your idle hours.

What Is Discord Nitro?

In 2017, Discord introduced a subscription-based perks package called Discord Nitro. The core Discord experience remained free, but fans now had the option to score coveted upgrades—like custom emoticons, animated avatars, and increased file upload sizes—for just a few bucks a month.

These optional upgrades helped support the company and turn Discord into the essential tool it is today. Thanks to the success of that promotion, Nitro has nowadays evolved into two distinct subscriptions that confer different benefits:

Discord Nitro Classic


Nitro Classic is the heir to that first offering. Now that custom emoji have become standard, this subscription unlocks your homemade smileys for use in DMs and across any servers you’ve joined. Classic also provides suped-up file caps (50MB) and support for GIF avis, along with additional perks like:

  • Higher quality screen-share (720p at 60fps) / (1080p at 30fps)
  • Enhanced Go Live stream quality (1080p at 60pfs)
  • Nitro badges (to show off your L33T big spender status)
  • Customized username digit tags (for the duration of your subscription)

Discord Nitro


The new-and-improved Discord Nitro conveys all the base perks as Nitro Classic and packs on the poundage! This sub gives you mondo file uploads (100MB), source-quality HD Go Live streaming, and 2X Server Boosts to pay it forward to the communities you love. It also doubles your server limit to 200 and extends your message capacity to 4,000 characters.

Server Boosting

Server Boosts are optional, blessed injections that supercharge your favorite server. Members can apply Boosts they’ve purchased to any of their joined servers, thereby sharing the wealth with everyone!

If a few people pitch in to hit the next Boost level, the premium perks only magnify. Every set of perks stacks with earlier upgrades to enrich your favorite hangout. With just two Boosts, you can already improve the compression rate on voice channels well enough to hear your buddies rage-quitting in crystal quality.

To get you started, here's a handy QRD on all you unlock at each new level:

Boost Level 1 (2 Boosts)

  • +50 slots for emoji (100 total)
  • 128kBps audio on voice channels and calls
  • improved Go Live stream quality (720p at 60fps)
  • custom background for server invites
  • animated server icon

Boost Level 2 (15 Boosts)

  • +50 slots for emoji (150 total)
  • 256kBps audio on voice channels and calls
  • enhanced Go Live stream quality (1080p at 60fps)
  • 50MB uploads for server members
  • server banner

Boost Level 3 (30 Boosts)

  • +100 slots for emoji (250 total)
  • 384kBps audio on voice channels and calls
  • 100MB uploads for server members
  • custom server URL

Boosts are a neat way to amp up the fun for everyone. Discord Nitro subscriptions come with two free Server Boosts, and all Nitro & Nitro Classic subscribers enjoy discounts on additional Boosts.

We hope that helps you choose the right option for you! If you’re new to the Salad Kitchen, join the Salad Chefs Discord—now home to more than 20,000 fellow Chefs. Don't miss our post on earning free Discord Nitro with Salad.