Top Takeaways: Salad Team Reddit AMA

Keith Cagney
April 8, 2022
App Updates

If you missed this week's Ask Me Anything Q&A over at r/SaladChefs, this condensed writeup should answer your tastiest and most technical questions about Salad 1.0, future Salad features, and more.

Salad 1.0

Will Salad 1.0 have an open beta? If so, when will it start?

A few lucky Chefs are already testing an early build. We’ll work on addressing their feedback over the next few weeks, before debuting a pre-release version exclusively for our community, which will give you the chance to try out all the new features and share your thoughts with the Salad team! Keep an eye on the #announcements channel in the SaladChefs Discord server server for the latest info on the community pre-release.

When will Salad 1.0 officially release?

With Salad 1.0, our goal is to improve Salad Balance earnings for everyone in the Kitchen. To do that, we're adding new workloads that are optimized for low-VRAM hardware, incorporating real-time crypto market data into Salad's decision-making processes, and implementing long-awaited features like GPU/CPU Dual Mining that will help maximize your Salda Balance. We're hoping to finalize Salad 1.0 within the next month or two, but we're taking our time to test new features and deliver the best experience possible.

How will the Salad Storefront change in Salad 1.0?

With Salad 1.0's minified UI comes a new Salad app experience. You'll still be able to browse the classic Salad Storefront you know and love, but you'll visit it within your browser. That way you can use your Balance and view Earnings History from any desktop PC, without installing Salad on that machine!

You may also notice that the Salad Storefront is looking a little tidier. In response to community reports, our team has reviewed and removed lots of rewards that were deemed irrelevant or otherwise below our standards of quality. We hope this ongoing effort will make the Salad redemption process more palatable for everyone. In the meantime, we're working on new ways to improve reward searchability, emphasize the freshest offerings, and minimize the chances to encounter any bad eggs.

What does "2X Active" mean in the Salad 1.0 preview image?

The "2X Active" badge shows up whenever you've unlocked double Salad Balance earnings—like when you use a referral code, or claim a 2X Bonus during community events, challenges, and meetups.

How does Salad 1.0 improve earnings for LHR GPUs?

While there isn't a full hashrate unlock for LHR cards just yet, Salad 1.0 adds partial unlock support through third-party miners like T-Rex. When you Chop, we'll devote the maximum possible hash power to the most profitable cryptocurrency protocol (e.g., Ethereum), and then use the rest of the LHR GPU's available hash power to mine alternative coin protocols. Together these mining activities should boost overall profitability.

Apart from Dual Mining, will CPU mining become more profitable?

Great question! In Salad 1.0, CPU mining appears to be generally more profitable (irrespective of changes in cryptocurrency market conditions) due to our updated hardware detection, miner configuration, and workload selection logic. This will only get better as we refine Salad's workflows and integrate additional workloads.

Will Salad 1.0 be easier on GPU temperatures?

Currently, all of Salad's workloads designate thresholds to prevent damage to the host PC if temperature should exceed safe levels. Salad 1.0 will introduce an integrated dashboard so you can monitor your hardware utilization and internal system temperature in real time!

Check out this Salad Guide article for tips on maintaining your hardware for optimal performance.

Additional Salad Q&A

Will there be any more Salad Seasons?

Once Salad 1.0 officially launches, we'll dedicate our team to introducing new challenges and additional bonus opportunities that will enhance the core Salad experience. That may not take the shape of a traditional Salad Season, but we'll incorporate lessons from Salad Seasons to develop supplemental gamification features and personal objectives.

When will Salad feature non-crypto workloads?

Very soon! We haven't announced it elsewhere just yet, but we've officially signed contracts with our first enterprise clients. Over the next few months, we'll begin to onboard them onto our SaladCloud services, and devise ways to incorporate their new, non-crypto workloads into Salad's menu of computational cuisine. Our Chefs will soon be able to choose both all-new SaladCloud jobs and classic cryptomining tasks whenever they Chop. We can't divulge any more details right now, but we'll be stoked to introduce all-new Salad jobs later this year.

What does Salad actually do? And is my PC at risk?

Salad is the easiest, most trusted way to share idle compute resources—and it will never harm your PC! If you have questions about Salad, we encourage you to check out the FAQs listed on our Community Portal, or browse our Salad Guide articles to better understand how Salad works under the hood.

Why can't Auto Start mode tell when I'm playing VR?

Don't worry! We're already working to refine our Auto Start logic for a forthcoming Salad release. Our current Auto Start detection is designed to listen for keyboard and mouse inputs, which is why certain Salad Chefs may run into unforeseen utilization issues while gaming in VR.

I've heard rumors about NFTs on Salad. What's the story?

We have no plans to make purchasing, earning, or trading NFTs an integral part of a future Salad experience—but there may come a day when Chefs can purchase NFTs from third-party websites or exchanges using Salad Balance or other payment methods.

Can I Chop with my NVIDIA GeForce GT 210?

Unfortunately, you'll probably have trouble Chopping with your current setup. Salad can find profitable jobs for most hardware released in the last ten years, but that particular GPU isn't supported within our current menu of computational cuisine. Luckily, Salad does have the chops for CPU mining—and you won't even need a GPU for the workloads we've got cooking in The Kitchen.

What would happen if Ethereum crashed completely?

Salad supports dozens of cryptocurrency protocols! Whenever you go AFK, Salad 1.0 will automatically select the most profitable workload for your PC, based on your individual hardware specs and real-time crypto market conditions—so if a single coin crashes, Salad is designed to switch your rig over to the next most profitable gig. In the future, we will have a combination of crypto and non-crypto workloads running across our network.

When will you add merch to the Salad Storefront?

Last summer, we introduced the limited-edition Salad Swag collection. There are still a few T-shirts and sticker packs available on the Salad Storefront, but we don't have any plans to announce further Salad Swag at this time.

Salad tank when?

Besides the numerous federal laws and international peace treaties a Salad tank would undoubtedly violate, we regrettably don't have the bandwidth to design an armored vehicle that could ever meet the patrician standards of our most militant Salad Chefs. But never say never.