#ScreamTrees Community Challenge


October 11, 2021

The larger the Salad community gets, the more we can achieve together. In the latest of our biweekly Community Challenges, we're taking on one of the world's baddest bogeymen—because there's nothing spookier than a world without trees.

Community Challenge 13: #ScreamTrees

This Halloween season, we're inviting Salad Chefs to join us in supporting global reforestation efforts. If we can scare up $3,100 in #TeamTrees donations by October 15th, we'll dole out 2X Salad Balance boosts for everyone. And that's sweeter than candy.

  • Goal: $3,100 in #TeamTrees donations from the Salad Storefront
  • Reward: 2X Salad Balance Bonus (48 hours)
  • Deadline: Friday, October 15th – 11:59 PM (MST)

It's no trick! Community Challenge #13 offers treats for the entire Kitchen.

All Salad Chefs are eligible to participate. Community progress for active Community Challenges can be found on the Salad Storefront for the duration of the bonus period.

About #TeamTrees

#Team Trees is an environmental organization co-founded by YouTube creators MrBeast and Mark Rober to support reforestation efforts in ecosystems that have been damaged by environmental disaster, climate change, or direct human activity. For every dollar donated to #TeamTrees, the Arbor Day Foundation plants a tree in a part of the world that needs it most.

Their successful #TeamTrees campaign encouraged fellow gaming enthusiasts and YouTube creators to rally for a noble cause, and we aim to honor that vision in this week's Community Challenge. We're also donating $1.00 for every person who reaches Level 14 in Salad Season 2.

Our Caring Kitchen

Salad Season 1 brought 100,000 new faces into our Kitchen, and we've already welcomed thousands more since the arrival of Salad Season 2. Every Salad Chef who joins our team empowers our community to chop through bigger challenges and make greater impacts on our world.

This Community Challenge comes with a loftier goal than some, but we believe the indomitable Salad Chefs can accomplish anything.

How Salad Helps

Salad has been a One Percent for the Planet partner since day one. Each year, we donate a portion of our profits to offsetting carbon emissions, and we're thankful to have a generous community that aligns with our values.

Thanks to the compassionate gamers of the Salad Kitchen, our world restores a few HP every year. The Salad Storefront generates thousands of annual donations that directly benefit Team Trees and other environmental organizations such as Tree Aid, the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, and the Superior Watershed Partnership & Land Conservancy.

You may view a full list of the charities we currently support at https://salad.com/charity.

Taking Accountability

Our team aspires to live the "Step Up, Not On" ethos of our core brand values. Though we think that the debate around cryptocurrency's environmental impact lacks critical nuance, we also believe that every company has a sacred responsibility to help preserve our global environment.

Salad does its utmost to reduce the environmental outcomes related to our network, including all activity that supports Ethereum and other blockchain ecosystems. If you're curious to learn more, please read our feature, "Dirty Money: Can Crypto Curb Its Environmental Impact?"