Coming Soon: Salad 1.0

Keith Cagney
April 1, 2022
App News

Feast your eyes, Chefs. You're looking at a leaner, cleaner Salad app. This is just a taste, of course—but there's a whole lot to swallow, and we don't want anyone getting a tummy ache.

Check out our preview video for a first look at Salad 1.0.

All-New Features

In addition to a sleeker interface, Salad 1.0 introduces a smorgasbord of long-awaited features and logic enhancements that make Chopping more profitable than ever! Here's a sneak peek at our perfected recipe for maximum Salad Balance:

  • Dual Mining Mode (share from your GPU & CPU simultaneously!)
  • Hardware Performance Displays (check system utilization and temperature while Chopping!)
  • 24-Hour Earnings Projections (based on actual performance and market conditions!)
  • Smarter Workload Selection (incorporates real-time crypto market data!)
  • New Cryptomining Workloads (dozens—including jobs optimized for low-VRAM hardware!)
  • Improved Support for Low-VRAM Hardware & LHR GPUs (say hello to increased earnings!)
  • Instant Error Troubleshooting (get help for problems as soon as they happen!)

That's all we can share for now! Look out for more details on these upgrades coming soon, and read on to learn how you can get exclusive access to the Salad 1.0 community pre-release.

Exclusive Pre-Release

When Salad 1.0 arrives next month, many Chefs should see a noticeable improvement in their Salad Balance earnings—especially anyone using low-VRAM hardware, running a lite hashrate GPU, or Chopping from a laptop with an NVIDIA GPU or AMD CPU.

In order to put the finishing touches on this revitalized Salad experience, we're inviting our community to try out all the new features before the official release. We'll be posting more info about the exclusive community pre-release in the #announcements channel of our SaladChefs Discord server over the next few weeks. Be sure to join for the latest updates!

Salad Storefront Updates

The Salad Storefront in a browser window.

With a minified UI comes a new Salad app experience. You'll still be able to browse the classic Salad Storefront you know and love, but you'll visit it within your local default browser. That way you can use your Balance and view Earnings History from any desktop PC, without installing Salad on that particular machine.

You may also notice that the Salad Storefront is looking a little tidier. In response to community reports, our team has reviewed and removed many rewards that were deemed irrelevant or otherwise below our standards of quality. We hope this ongoing effort will make the Salad redemption process more palatable for everyone.

In the meantime, we're working on new ways to improve reward searchability, emphasize the freshest offerings, and minimize the chances to encounter any bad eggs.

Salad Team AMA

Our team is a lean one, but we always strive to deliver the best, most nutritious product we can. We appreciate your patience as we have been secretly working on this refreshed Salad app.

It's our hope that Salad 1.0 will help bring us into a whole new era of computational cuisine. These under-the-hood refinements offer Salad Chefs greater gains from classic crypto jobs—and they'll allow us to introduce new, non-crypto workloads to the Kitchen later this year.

Got burning questions? Be sure to check out our upcoming r/SaladChefs AMA with Product Director Daniel Sarfati and the Salad Community team! Join us Wednesday, April 6th (2:00 p.m. MST) to ask us anything about Salad 1.0 and more.