Everywhere you look, big ideas are going hungry. Titans of entertainment are chasing metaverses, but data centers can’t approximate their wildest dreams. Infinite pastimes require ubiquitous infrastructure.

Technological advancement is relegated to the biggest budgets. Steep prices keep data scientists and researchers from real experimentation. Centralized providers may offer reduced rates for reserved utilization—but why should innovation be constrained by predictability?

Without a more affordable, more plentiful cloud, the future will belong to the same people as the present.

SaladCloud facilitates innovation with performant, available, and entirely people-powered cloud services. Need a champion? We've got thousands.

Commonly held ideas all start as experiments.
By 2030, consumer hardware will overtake data centers as the most reliable and renewable source of elastic compute.

The proof is in the PC. Hardware manufacturers have begun to optimize consumer-grade processing units to perform multi-threaded processes and support virtual compute environments.

That's the recipe for community cloud.

SaladCloud is a fully people-powered alternative to conventional cloud. Our infrastructure offers high availability, performance, and scalable container solutions for a fraction of the cost.

The Salad network currently welcomes 100,000 active nodes per month—and each represents a voluntary contributor to the future of cloud computing.

Latent compute is our secret ingredient. Everyday webizens use Salad to share resources from their idle PCs—like processing cycles, storage, or bandwidth—to power SaladCloud infrastructure in exchange for digital rewards.

By providing powerful incentives to join, Salad has fast become the world's largest decentralized supercomputer.

Since founding our network in 2018, Salad Chefs have contributed over 10,000 years of compute processing to power transaction validation and other baseline compute workloads.

Salad Container Engine uses a proprietary trust rating system to index node performance, forecast availability, and select the optimal hardware cohort for deployment.

There's no task too great for our infinite Kitchen.

Our simplified developer tools and SaladCloud API make it possible to deploy on SCE alone or integrate with a multicloud configuration. With the right requirements inputs, you could train massive AI models, compile data synthesis workloads, or distribute video rendering tasks.

Salad Container Engine orchestrates container workloads across a global network of decentralized nodes in mere minutes—for half the cost.

To get started, please contact our sales team through the form on our homepage.

Salad is committed to nourishing the world we share.

In order to offset the environmental impact of our network activities, Salad Technologies makes yearly contributions to charities like #TeamTrees and 1% for the Planet.

Salad Chefs share thousands in small donations to environmental charities featured on our community platform, using value earned from our network.

The Salad Kitchen has aided disaster relief, sponsored wildlife rescue efforts, and provided indispensable support for global health initiatives—all while offsetting tons of carbon emissions to fight the effects of anthropogenic climate change.