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Build Global Streaming Capacity

With high-speed connections available in 188 countries, SaladCloud offers 24/7 bandwidth from reliable residential IPs.

A world map showing the nodes on the Salad network.

Total Nodes


Gbps Upload


Daily Nodes


Countries Running Salad


Reliable and Efficient Scaling

Access Salad network nodes via the Salad Gateway Service (SGS) to quickly and reliably scale video streaming capacity in virtually any region of the world.

Transparent and Fully Opt-In

Salad was built on the trust of individuals. Only the highest quality nodes on the network are offered the opportunity to supply their bandwidth. Those users voluntarily share their IP address and compute resources like bandwidth to support partner workloads.

Reliable Residential IP’s

Salad nodes consist almost entirely of residential IP addresses. We assess lifetime performance and filter by connection speed, latency, region, and more to maximize connectivity.

Continuous Quality Control

Because connection speed is never static, Salad continuously monitors the connection quality of its nodes to select only those IPs that meet our partners' quality requirements. We also expose an API endpoint that allows onboarded partners to request rapid IP rotation on demand.

Distributed. Resilient. Affordable.

Salad turns latent compute resources from hundreds of thousands of consumer PCs into available infrastructure. The SaladCloud platform offers a performant distributed solution for as little as 10% the cost of conventional cloud.

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