1,000+ Images per Dollar with Salad's Stable Diffusion Inference API, check out the benchmark!

The World’s Most Affordable GPU Cloud

No contracts. No pre-pay. No waiting.
Access 10k+ GPUs from $0.10/hr.

Free Trial valid for 14 days and USD $5 in free credits.
Salad GPU Cloud is the most cost-effective cloud for generative AI and ML production applications.

"Salad's GPU pricing is much better than anywhere else. Plus it's crazy simple."
- Dreamup.ai


Reduce Budget Bloat

Save up to 50% on orchestration services from big-box providers, plus discounts on recurring plans.


GPU-Driven Processing

Distribute data batch jobs, HPC workloads, and rendering queues to thousands of 3D-accelerated GPUs.


Global Edge Network

Bring workloads to the brink on low-latency edge nodes located in nearly every corner on the planet.


Multicloud Compatible

Deploy Salad Container Engine workloads alongside your existing hybrid or multicloud configuration.


On-Demand Elasticity

Scale to 10,000 nodes on demand using our toolkits, or build a custom K8s integration with our simple API.


Optimized Usage Fees

Pay for exactly what you need with predictable and transparent usage fees billed down to the minute.

Get started in minutes

Getting started with SaladCloud is as simple as creating a workload definition on Salad Container Engine (SCE). Simply migrate a container image and select your technical requirements. Salad dynamically finds the right hardware for the job.

Price Performance Comparison (BERT)

Artificial Intelligence.
Real-life savings.

Are you a Generative AI company or a model repository struggling with the GPU shortage & high compute costs?

Featuring integrated GPU processing, dedicated edge servers, 24/7 global availability, and on-demand scaling, SaladCloud offers 10k+ Nvidia GPUs and is the most affordable solution for AI innovators.

600% more images per dollar

If you can train it, we can run it. We support virtually any proprietary or open source AI application, including popular Text-to-Image or NLP models such as Stable Diffusion, Dreambooth and Whisper.
Stable Diffusion applications generate 600% more images per dollar when deployed on Salad Container Engine (SCE).

Price Performance Comparison (BERT)

Unmatched Inference

Salad's vCPU instances run circles around the big-box providers. Deploy on SCE to generate up to 10x more inferences per dollar from BERT and other AI models.

Tools on Salad Cloud

Salad works the way you do.  Use our convenient developer tools to get started, or integrate Salad's secure API into a custom build pipeline.

Salad Container Engine (SCE)

A massively scalable orchestration engine, purpose-built to simplify container development for AI/ML.

Salad Inference Endpoints (SIE)

Instantly deploy ML production inference to thousands of dedicated GPUs. Save up to 50% of cost compared to big box providers.

Salad Recipes

Get started quick with pre-configured recipes of popular models like Stable Diffusion, Whisper & BERT.

Estimate My Savings

Use the calculator below to estimate how much you'll save on Salad.*


($0.004 hourly per vCPU)


($0.001 hourly per GB)

*Price comparison based on the lowest available hourly rate for one hour of continuous vCPU and/or memory usage from U.S. data centers.

Your hourly rate:



  • GPU not currently offered on AWS Fargate.
  • Make a selection to compare to Azure Container Instances.
  • GPU not currently offered on Google Cloud Run.
  • Contact our sales team to save up to 50% with a one-year service agreement.

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