Game Global.

Access Salad network nodes via the Salad Gateway Service (SGS) to quickly and reliably scale video game streaming capacity in virtually any region, any room, any screen, anywhere in the world.

Smooth Gameplay

The smoothest experience brings home the win. Salad's low-latency, dedicated nodes ensure constant uptime and consistent cloud streaming quality while gaming.

Multi Platform

The console wars are over. Our workload-agnostic SaladCloud network allows us to support P2P gaming on any gaming platform, in any game, anywhere on the planet.

Continuous QC

Because Salad continuously monitors speed and connection quality for all network nodes, our team can exclude IPs that do not meet predetermined requirements. All SaladCloud gaming partners can request on-demand rapid IP rotation at our API endpoint.

Distributed. Resilient. Affordable.

Salad turns latent compute resources from hundreds of thousands of consumer PCs into available infrastructure. The SaladCloud platform offers a performant distributed solution for as little as 10% the cost of conventional cloud

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