We price match! If you can find lower rates for the same resources, Salad will beat your bill.

Quality data. Half the cost.

Save 80% on public data collection by switching to Salad.
Our fully managed container service offers edge compute and 24/7 access to residential IP proxies in nearly 200 countries.


Accessing residential IPs means managing complex infrastructure.

Organizations that need access to residential IP addresses must source application infrastructure and proxy services separately. This leads to increased cost and complexity for developers, DevOps, and IT managers.


Deploy to dedicated edge nodes with unique residential IP addresses.

Salad Container Engine (SCE) helps you deploy to a globally distributed edge network using standard container workflows and tooling. All nodes on our fully managed container platform feature dedicated CPU/GPU processing and unique residential IP addresses.

Customer Case Study

Why Salad?

Our platform offers edge processing and residential IPs in a single solution.

Salad Container Engine (SCE) helps you deploy data collection and processing applications simultaneously across a globally geodistributed edge network.

Scaling on demand is a cinch with Salad's simple API and integrations.


Customers save up to 80% off their total cloud expense when running public data collection applications on Salad.

Salad's edge proxies increase responsivity by eliminating hops between business logic and target collection endpoints.

Rapidly deploy and scale public data collection applications to target regions in response to customer demand.

Cost Comparison

Before Salad:
AWS Lightsail + Residential Proxy Reseller
With Salad
Application Servers
Network Usage
(73 TB)
Total Monthly Spend
53.37% SAVINGS!
Chart showing traditional cloud vs Salad's combined residential IP service