Residential IPs with local
High Performance Compute

Deploy your applications on a fully managed container service that provides direct access to high-quality residential IP addresses and local CPU/GPU resources.


Leveraging Residential IPs for your application means you manage multiple infrastructures

Organizations that utilize Residential IP addresses must manage a disparate infrastructure comprised of application services and proxy resellers leading to increased costs and complexities for developers, DevOps, and IT.


Easily deploy your application across a globally distributed infrastructure with a unique residential IP included for every container.

Salad lets you easily deploy your Docker containers using the same workflows and developer tools you have come to expect, with the power of global distribution and access to residential IPs. Salad automatically runs and manages your containers, allowing you to focus on growing your business instead of managing infrastructure.

Customer Case Study

Why Salad?

Salad’s unique distributed infrastructure empowered the development team to combine the data collection and data processing applications into a single application that could be deployed around the globe. By leveraging Salad Container Engine (SCE) to manage these combined applications, scaling up or down to meet customer demand is controlled as simply as using a single API instead of managing scaling across different infrastructure providers.