Build your Blockchain

Individuals using Salad's desktop client have contributed millions of idle compute hours to support Ethereum transaction validation and other blockchain workloads. Now we're seeding the future.

Global Scale On Demand

Too many worthwhile projects go unrealized for lack of infrastructure. SaladCloud provides out-of-the-box solutions for Web3 innovators, and a decentralized, people-powered cloud that's hungry to bootstrap big ideas.

Self-Sovereign Servers

We orchestrate, containerize, and distribute third-party workloads on SaladCloud, but our nodes belong to the individuals who voluntarily choose to share their latent compute resources in exchange for rewards.

Distributed. Resilient. Affordable.

Salad turns latent compute resources from hundreds of thousands of consumer PCs into available infrastructure. The SaladCloud platform offers a performant distributed solution for as little as 10% the cost of conventional cloud

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