Heroes Foretold

The Internet was once free. People could exchange ideas, explore far-off realms, and build a new, collaborative frontier. Now we've forgotten that lost land.

Today's web belongs to shadowy figures who monitor our speech, quantify our actions, and commodify our attention. By stealing the dream of a free Internet, they conjured up a more malevolent force.

Its name is Centralization, and it is the final boss that we must face. Salad Chefs may just be the heroes foretold.

Centralization, the Final Boss
Better Together

On Salad, your home computer can join the fight for a free Internet—and earn you some seriously epic loot. Everyday webizens use Salad to profit from their PCs and power their passions with meaningful rewards.

When you leave the keys, Salad sends your PC on a quest in The Kitchen, a distributed network composed of people from across the world. These Salad Chefs earn games, gift cards, and DLC just by clicking "Start."

Salad storefront featuring Discord Nitro
Shared Strength

Whenever you Chop, Salad pairs your PC with the most profitable job available, and dynamically allocates its strength to a real computing project that needs a champion.

Many Salad Chefs share processing power from their idle GPUs and CPUs, or opt into advanced tasks to earn greater rewards.

Whether the job's crunching numbers on a blockchain, supporting P2P video streaming, or sparking servers in your favorite games, Salad makes sure your rig can join the fun.

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Widget hardware with GPU enabled and CPU disabled
Epic Loot

What fun is a quest without treasure?

Every year, Salad Chefs score MILLIONS of Steam games, gift cards, subscriptions, skins, PayPal rewards, and heaps more epic loot from the Salad Storefront. The more you Chop, the more you shop!

Visit the Salad Chefs Discord server to ask thousands of real people about Salad.

Official Discord
Pass the Controller

As new computational cuisine comes to our Kitchen, our users will opt into only the workloads they choose, champion only the causes they support, and profit from their PCs like sovereigns of a better Internet.

Through transparency and ease of use, Salad has earned the trust of thousands of Chefs from all around the world. You control your corner of the Kitchen—and so do Salad users in nearly 200 countries.

New Worlds

The Internet belongs to all of us. Like the ingredients in a salad, we each contribute something to that ever-changing whole. Salad was founded on the idea that every person deserves a seat at the table.

Computesharing allows us to unlock the hidden value of our home hardware, take on Centralization's many minions, and achieve more together.