Heroes Foretold

The Internet was once free. People could exchange ideas, let play be their engine into new realms of collaboration, and dare to build on those unexplored frontiers. But we've forgotten how to use those innate powers.

The web now belongs to corporations—shadowy figures who monitor our conversations, quantify our actions, and commodify our attention without asking our consent. They and their dire compatriots lord over the Internet atop mountains of gigabytes, completely unassailable by lone challengers.

In claiming the Internet for themselves, this dark collective has inadvertently conjured up a more malevolent force. Its name is Centralization, and it is the final boss we must face to restore the people-powered web.

You and your PC may just be the heroes foretold.

Build With Salad
Centralization: The Final Boss
A Noble Sword

A wise NPC once said, "It's dangerous to go alone." We never forgot that lesson. Now we're passing down the sword.

On Salad, your gaming battlestation can join the fight for decentralization—and help you earn seriously epic loot. Gamers and everyday webizens use our desktop app to contribute spare compute power to computing projects, profit from their home hardware safely, and power their passions with meaningful rewards.

Whenever you leave the keyboard, Salad sends your PC on its own sidequest in The Kitchen, a distributed network composed of thousands of people from across the world. Salad Chefs share the strength of their PCs to complete advanced compute tasks in exchange for Salad Balance.

All you have to do is click "Start."

Salad App with Start Button
Shared Strength

With thousands of heroes by your side, there's nothing your PC can't dish out.

Salad is designed to find tasks that are suited to your PC's unique capabilities, and dynamically allocate your shared compute resources to the most profitable job available.

Fledgling Chefs just starting their journey will be able to power cryptocurrency workloads from their GPU and CPU. But after proving your valor on the Salad network, you'll get the chance to opt into different compute tasks that can make use of whatever else you choose to share—be it spare bandwidth, unused storage, or a set of favorite nunchaku.

So whether the job's crunching numbers on a blockchain, supporting a P2P proxy network, or sparking the servers of your favorite games, your mighty rig can join the fray.

Start Earning
App screen showing 2 GPUs and 1 CPU
Epic Loot

Those who join our fellowship shall reap mighty rewards. After all, what fun is a quest without treasure?

Every year, Chefs in our Kitchen score over 3 MILLION games, gift cards, subscriptions, in-game content, skins, and heaps more digital rewards using the power of their PCs. The more often you run Salad, the more Salad Balance you'll earn to score epic loot at the Salad Storefront.

Visit the official Salad Chefs Discord server to ask over 40,000 gamers why they love Salad.

Top storefront items including Discord Nitro, PayPal, Visa Prepaid, Steam
Your Controller

Autonomy is essential to our recipe,
and the solemn charge of our quest.

The controller will always be yours on Salad. As new computational cuisine comes to our Kitchen, our users will opt into only the workloads they choose, champion only the causes they support, and profit from their PCs like sovereigns of a better Internet.

Through transparency and ease of use, Salad has earned the trust of thousands of monthly active users from all over the world. You control your corner of The Kitchen—and so do real-life Salad Chefs in 188 different countries.

New Worlds

The Internet belongs to the people who journey there. Like the ingredients in a salad, we each contribute something vital to an ever-changing whole. Salad was founded on the idea that every person deserves a seat at the table.

Computesharing allows us to unlock the value of the hardware we already own, disempower the dark forces of Centralization, and accomplish more together. In a world where big ideas are going hungry, only the mighty Salad Chefs can dish out the solution.

Since our founding in 2018, Salad Chefs have contributed over 7,400 years of computesharing uptime to accomplishing advanced computing tasks on our network. In exchange, we were able to serve millions of dollars in rewards value to private individuals around the world.

It's time we told Centralization that we're not "end-users," but end-choosers. Home hardware is the legendary weapon that will help us all reclaim the web.