About Salad

In a world where most privately-owned computers sit idle throughout the day, Salad turns their latent compute resources into available cloud infrastructure—while helping everyday people profit from their PCs. With over 100,000 monthly active users earning on our distributed network, the Salad Kitchen has fast become the world’s largest people-powered supercomputer.

We're now developing affordable compute solutions and new containerized orchestration services for SaladCloud, our comprehensive cloud infrastructure platform.

Our Vision

By 2025, SaladCloud will offer affordable, workload-agnostic infrastructure for virtually any use case—whether it's bootstrapping VPN services, spinning up P2P gaming ecosystems, or safely running containerized workloads across thousands of geodistributed nodes.


Unlimited Vacation

Our employees are real people with real lives. That’s why we encourage everyone to take time to prioritize family, indulge in favorite pastimes, or decompress on a well-earned unplug—without checking those pesky emails.


75% Health Premiums

We cover 75% of all health insurance premiums for our employees and their dependents—whether or not they elect the company health plan. Salad is healthy, after all.


Company Computer

We outfit every new hire with a laptop or desktop computer, along with any software they'll need to do their best work. There's no spyware pre-installed, but you may need to wipe Bob's old Age of Empires II saves.


$500 WFH Budget

Salad employees can expense up to $500 in home office upgrades. Whether you need a new office chair, a spiffier webcam, or a reticulated spline, we'll help you get what you need to build out your corner of the Salad Kitchen.

Schedule Requirements

Though we support scheduling flexibility, we ask all new hires to commit to a core workday that permits collaboration with teammates operating between the UTC-05:00 (EST) and UTC-09:00 (AKST) time zones.