The Salad Brand

A brand is more than just a mission statement. It's our viewpoint beyond making money.

We Champion Human Collaboration.

We aim to be the easiest and most trusted way to share idle compute resources.

Empathic Humility

Human interactions are a two-way street. We're only responsible for our side, but we should always consider the other, placing ourselves in a position that fosters understanding. However, efforts to empathize should never come at the expense of our identities. We're flexible, not pushovers.

Step up, not on.

Forthright Trustworthiness

Great relationships establish and maintain trust. When honesty takes a back seat that trust is eroded little by little. In an industry where users are already skeptical, transparency is key to building trust. Even when it's risky or painful, honesty really is the best policy.

All truth; No bullshit

Calibrated Collaboration

A high standard of excellence keeps our individual work engaging, but cooperation and collaboration is what drives our success. The two are symbiotic. Accountability to ourselves and one another fosters productivity and bolsters our spirits.

Disciplined. Not policed.