Minecraft Loot: Zeqa Network Ranks & Upgrades

August 19, 2022

Tired of getting your block knocked off in Minecraft PvP? Go ten rounds on Zeqa Network, the best PvP practice server for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Join Zeqa today to enjoy all these perks:

  • 25+ game modes like Boxing, Nodebuff, Sumo, Bridge, and more
  • Low-ping gameplay in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Learning PvP tactics from long-time community members

All-New Zeqa Rewards

This week's Fresh Loot Friday comes stacked with Zeqa Network Ranks & Utility rewards. Start your career as a champion with the Zeqa Pass, or rank up for custom battler cosmetics and daily coins and shards!

This is a battle pass for the Zeqa network. Each season will last two months. Unlock battle-pass rewards and get twice the amount of battle points as you progress.

Lifetime in-game ranks with daily coin and shard rewards, eight special cosmetics, and quick queue times.

Create an in-game tag with your choice of text and background color. The tag displays beside your name in Zeqa servers.

Check out the full list of Zeqa rewards on the Salad Storefront.

How to Redeem

Before indulging in this week's fresh loot, be sure to join the official Zeqa Discord server to ensure smooth redemption. Some Zeqa rewards may require opening a store ticket in the #tickets channel to redeem.

*Note: Playing in Zeqa Network servers requires Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.*