New CS:GO Loot From Xeno Gaming Servers

August 26, 2022

Looking to practice for an upcoming tourney or just want to casually scrim other counter-terrorists? Xeno Gaming Servers has the premium CS:GO experience for you. These servers ensure that you’ve always got a place to train, learn, and win with the most up-to-date strats and in-demand game modes.

Xeno Gaming currently only supports EU servers but plans to expand to NA in September 2022. Join the official Xeno Gaming Discord and stay informed about key dates and expansion details.

Monthly or Permanent Xeno Gaming Rewards

This week’s Fresh Loot Friday brings you two options to reserve your spot in the Xeno Gaming servers. You also have the option to acquire a multitude of exclusive in-game perks:

VIP Package - Monthly ($2.49 SB)

  • Ten million credits plus an additional eight million per minute when logged in
  • Ability to choose your own custom chat name tag and color
  • Additional weapons, armor, and defuse kits
  • Access to Elite Founder Animated Scoreboard Tag
  • Access to VIP Exclusive Models on Xeno servers
  • Bonus RTV (Rock The Vote) Map Votes
  • Many more in-game privileges!

Reserved Slot - Permanent ($10.00 SB)

*Note: This reward has limited stock. Get it on the Salad Storefront at a sweet discount!*

  • Permanently reserves a spot for you in the Xeno server so you can play even when the queue is full.

Cheap Indies Still Available

The Indie Game Summer Sale is still running strong. Here are a few low-cost titles you should add to your library:

As Far As The Eye ($0.83 SB) As Far As The Eye aligns itself to the beloved Civilization-style of RTS titles with a couple of twists. You’ll race against time to migrate your tribe towards the center of the world—before it’s all submerged by a giant wave—while balancing culture, science, and mystical research. You won’t have to worry about combat because this game is about making peace instead of straight up flattening your enemies to achieve success. Nothing is ever predictable as a roguelike tribe system ensures no two adventures will be the same.

The Deed ($0.20 SB) We all love a good detective story, but can you be the one that gets away with a heinous murder? In The Deed, you’ll play as the greedy heir to the Dunshiel House looking to restore your inheritance through bloody means. Whereas games like Clue will have you hunting for the murderer, you will look to commit the perfect crime and fly under the radar of your backstabbing family and the inspector. Choose a variety of weapons to do the deed and hapless bystanders to frame at your discretion because, at the end of the day, there are no good guys in this game.

Head to the Salad Storefront and explore the full list of available titles at the Indie Game Summer Sale.