What Is Your Computer Worth?

Bob Miles
January 23, 2019

Gaming PCs are bloody valuable. How do you put a price on pwning n00bs, raiding bosses, leveling up, or even rage-quitting because of pleb-tier mechanics? At Salad, we use the awesome power of your PC to do so much more than run your favorite games. We give you the chance to turn downtime into downloads.

Why Salad?

Most of us have to eat, sleep, work, and (occasionally) shower between gaming sessions. That's time where our PCs sit idle yearning for action. For most people, this nets out to 22 hours per day! Now imagine if you could get your rig a gig while you're out paying the bills.

Between the GPU's brawn and the CPU's brains, your PC has a few money-making machines tucked away inside the case. The processing power in your rig is worth big bikkies, and we’re on a mission to be the safest, easiest and most trusted way for you to tap into this value.

Salad activates your idle computing power to grind out loot like Discord Nitro subscriptions, Steam downloads, skins, in-game credits, cash cards, and more at the Salad Storefront.

How Does It Work?

It's a simple formula: download Salad, click "Start," claim loot. Under the hood, we use your GPU to solve cryptographic algorithms and verify transactions (a.k.a. cryptomining) on the Ethereum blockchain network. In the near future, the Salad Kitchen will put a 10x buff on the value of your PC through high-performance computing workloads—meaning you'll get the chance to opt into advanced tasks for things like AI inference training and edge computing.

How Much Does It Cost?

Nada. Zilch. Zip. Need I go on? We don’t charge fees or take bites from your helping.

Because we've built relationships to buy our rewards at wholesale cost, we can give you everything you've earned (whilst taking a small margin feed ourselves). In rare cases, you'll see some loot costing fraction more than it's worth—you’ll have to Chop $11 worth of Salad Balance to get a $10 Visa gift card. That's because truly legendary loot puts a bigger dent in our skyrocket—and like I said, we do need to eat. If any of this ever changes, the Chefs will be first to know.

Does Salad Track You?

We have no interest your personal data. You could be Mickey Mouse or Caesar's ghost, for all we care. Our goal is to help you max out the value of your PC, and we’re repulsed by all the data mining funny business that certain so-and-so's get away with.

For us, the integrity of our company and platform is paramount. We use secure, third-party authorization to manage all of our user accounts, and any money you’ve earned by Chopping is safely stored in our bank account—no hot wallets at Salad. We’ll never sell or share your data; the only purpose it serves is knowing who to dish out the goods to!

Who's in the Kitchen?

The Salad Alpha application homepage.

Salad started in 2018 as the work of a bloody passionate team of seven. Our alpha application code was signed by Comodo CA, funded by Utah local venture capital outfits, and eventually open sourced for the world to vet. It took hours of hard labor, a few tough calls, and many nights suffering withering KDs on the office LAN, but we're happy to say Salad has now found a home on more than 250,000 PCs.

Salad has grown to include new faces from different walks of life, ideologies, and disciplines, but our crew is as united as ever in our goal to help everyone share their compute potential. We've been a One Percent for the Planet partner since day one, and everyone we hire gets to highlights new charitable causes in the app, so our users can join us in sharing the wealth with the world.

Is Salad for You?

Salad's for everyone. If you've just found your way to the Kitchen, poke around on the SaladChefs subreddit or give us a shout in our community Discord server—everyone's cheery in the Kitchen, and we'll steer you straight if you've got any questions! We happen to think our TrustPilot rating is also quite the cheevo.

In the end, you've just got to ask yourself: what's your computer worth? Could your PC be leveling up your library when you put the controller down? Could it help you outclass enemies with rare skins, tame a new Minecraft companion, or get a roof over your head in RUST? Shouldn't you score Among Us practically free, start offsetting your carbon footprint, or pay down your Netflix with all that spare juice?

Whatever you decide, there's always room in the Kitchen. We'll keep it cooking in the meantime.

Happy Chopping!

Bob & the Salad Team