Fresh Loot: Keyboards, Controllers, and More Gaming Gear


September 20, 2021

Somebody call in a drop? All-new gear from Turtle Beach and ROCCAT is coming in hot! Choose from an armory of cross-platform headsets, keyboards, optical mice, and controllers. It's no rocket launcher, but these competition-grade peripherals should even the odds.

Get your mitts around all the latest gaming gear at the Salad Storefront.

Gaming Headsets & Audio Devices

Coordinate and conquer with a brand new headset! With high-definition audio processing, noise-blocking, and 3.5mm auxiliary ports for multiplatform maneuverability, capping the point has never been easier.

Good streamers need good mics, whether they're crank calling or slaying noobs. Pick up the ROCCAT Torch Studio-Grade USB Condenser Mic for superior recording quality in any setting, plus contactless Quick Mute, zero latency mic monitoring, and integral mix controls.

Keyboards, Mice & Controllers

Don't find yourself in the crosshairs with your joystick in your hands. Level up your loadout with tactical controllers, ergonomic mice, ultra-durable keyboards, and RGB accessories—because you might as well sortie in style.

*Compatible with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

This new gear won't guarantee the win, but at least they can't loot your controller. Roll out with all these items at the Salad Storefront, and watch your six for more gaming peripherals coming soon.