Final Sale: 10% Off All SkinBaron Vouchers


August 12, 2021

Bad news, Chefs! It's time to say "gg" to SkinBaron vouchers at the Salad Storefront. To honor one of our trustiest sidearms, Salad Chefs can now take 10% off all SkinBaron vouchers while they're still in stock. Check out all the discounted items right here.

SkinBaron vouchers will be removed from our catalog on August 20th—so get tactical while supplies last!

What Is SkinBaron?


SkinBaron is one of the best online marketplaces for skins, cosmetics, and game-changing upgrades. Their catalog offers content for CS:GO, RUST, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2, including deals on armor and weapon skins. Visit to trade your most elite gear.

Discounted Items

Take advantage of a final sale on these items through August 20th:

Any Salad user who purchases a SkinBaron voucher prior to August 20th will be able to redeem it at through August 27th.

What Happened?

Life likes to throw surprises at you. Sometimes it's a sneaky knife kill, and sometimes it's a hiccup with your international payment processing.

Due to tighter restrictions, SkinBaron has has had to discontinue support for some merchants outside Europe (like your humble Salad Chefs). We can't say for sure whether SkinBaron vouchers will be gone forever, but we won't be able to reload for the foreseeable future.

New Skins & Cosmetic Rewards

The Kitchen is always hard at work finding more ways to redeem skins for your favorite games. Today we're adding loads of new rewards from marketplaces like Key-Drop, Drop.Skin, and Force-Drop, in addition to our longstanding offerings from DaddySkins.

UPDATE (8/12/21): This article has been revised with accurate sale dates.