Salad Season 2 Out Now

Keith Cagney
October 1, 2021

You told us your recipe for the perfect season, and it's time we delivered. In Salad Season 2, we've remixed your favorite features, sliced a few rough edges, and tossed up a whole new leveling system from scratch. Chop now through January 1st to join the fun!

All-New XP Bonuses

Items for the Levels in Salad Season 2

Starting today, you can indulge in a sumptuous spread of Balance boosts, Steam games, entries for our grand prize giveaway, and loads more Bonuses specially requested by our loyal Salad Chefs.

More Salad Balance

This season's Bonus hoard boasts more Salad Balance than ever before! Better yet, we've peppered in earnings boosts and Balance infusions at regular stops on the way to the top—meaning you'll have plenty of opportunities to snag some green, no matter what level you reach.

Animated Avatars

We're shaking things up! Now you can adorn your corner of the Kitchen with the Toss, Shake, & Dice animated profile avatars. Chop to Level 9 by January 1st to collect the whole set. The final avi will remain a mystery—until you design it, that is.

Community Art Contest

If you've always thought the world needed to see your postmodern Jared wallpapers, have we got news for you. Our upcoming community art contest will give you the chance to immortalize your artistry in a custom Salad avatar! One lucky creation will even become our Level 11 Bonus.

Watch the SaladChefs Discord in the weeks ahead for details on how to enter.

Team Trees Level Challenge

Salad Chefs have been hungry for another crossover event with Team Trees. In Salad Season 2, we're honoring that wish. For every Chef who reaches Level 14, Salad pledges to donate one tree to bolster worldwide reforestation efforts.

Did you know? Salad users can donate to Team Trees through the Salad Storefront.

Free Game Unlocks

Salad Season 2 - Games

From here on out, we'll be working with rewards providers and indie studios to level up our seasonal Bonuses with curated helpings of notable and novel games. This season's three-course offering combines mythic and intergalactic selections from varied genres.

Level 3: Two Worlds II HD

A dark magic falls over Antaloor. Following the defeat of the God of Fire, evil Lord Gandohar has nearly mastered the arcane power to disrupt the elements themselves. With the world hanging in the balance, a prisoner in Gandohar's dungeons must forge an alliance with a band of Orcs to take on the tyrant and save his sister from certain doom.

Level 7: Fly and Destroy

Outer space is a hectic place. Strap in to your starfighter and prepare to navigate an onslaught of asteroids and heat-seeking missiles in Fly and Destroy. Slingshot around a nearby planetoid, lunge for that distant power-up, and engage every special ability in your arsenal to survive—because out here, no one can hear you scream.

Level 15: Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

Humanity struggles to recover from the collapse of its earthly civilizations. You have been chosen to lead your people into the uncertain frontier of deep space. Explore and colonize an alien world, develop advanced technology, conduct planet-scale warfare, and terraform strange terrains to forge a new home for humanity beyond the stars.

Decadent downloads such as these might pair nicely with that Nitro Classic Bonus from Season 1—but how about something more robust? The Level 18 Bonus serves up a month-long subscription of premium-tier Discord Nitro. Rep a new flair, stream in source quality, and quit dodging the mods when it's your turn to boost the server.

See what comes with an upgraded subscription in our guide to Discord Nitro.

Level 20 Swag & More

Salad Season 2 - Level 20

UPDATE (10/29/2021):

We've heard rumors that some of the embroidered beanies from the Salad Swag Collection are looking a little wilted. While we do sample everything for quality before it makes the menu, it's obvious that parts of that product run do not meet our standards. All beanies have been temporarily removed from the Salad Storefront until we can ensure a palatable experience.

To avoid any more funky flavors, we've also decided to tweak the Level 20 swag pack's ingredients. You'll now get to choose between the limited-edition Salad Season 2 T-Shirt or a $15 Salad Balance gift (instead of a beanie). No matter which option you pick, you'll still receive the digital art pack and $5 in Salad Balance, as detailed below.

Salad Chefs dress for success. Every Level 20 champ earns $5 in Salad Balance, a digital art goodie pack, and their choice of Salad apparel. Warm up with a comfy beanie from the Salad Swag collection, or snag the limited-edition What's Your Recipe T-Shirt in one of three unique flavors.

We'll reach out at the end of the Season to confirm your choice and shipping address via email. Call it a New Year's bonus for those who keep our Kitchen cooking.

What's New in Season 2

Salad Season 2 - Levels 10-12

Thanks to input from thousands of Salad users, we're proud to say Season 2 has been carefully prepared to suit all palates. Progress is simpler and the treats are oh-so sweet. Take a look at some notable changes to the formula since Salad Season 1:

Improved Progress Tracking

All seasonal Bonuses are now visible from day one. Levels also display their remaining completion time right from the Seasons page. Check your current goal at any time by mousing over your Salad username and clicking "Bonuses" in the navigation menu.

Rebalanced XP Levels

No more playing on Legendary. XP Levels have been re-tuned for optimal difficulty scaling and maximum fun. There may be some uphill stretches before the lofty peaks of Level 20, but we've balanced the climb so you can appreciate the sights along the way.

Extra Innings

With such tasty bonuses on the menu, we've also extended this season's overall duration. Chefs now have more time to chop through all 20 XP Levels at a more comfortable pace—so you can play for keeps and still get your game on in-between.

End-of-Season Giveaway

Salad Season 2 Giveaway

Some of this season's Bonuses grant you automatic entries into our end-of-season giveaway. One grand prize winner will take home $100 in Salad Balance and three (3) Nanoleaf smart lighting kits. And 100 runners-up will receive $100 in Salad Balance apiece!

  • 1 Grand Prize: Nanoleaf Smart Lighting Kit + $100 in Salad Balance
  • 100 Runners-Up: $100 in Salad Balance

These customizable RGB panels will help you glow up your end of the arena at the next tourney. Nanoleaf devices are compatible with most voice assistant software.

How to Enter

The more entries you can claim before January 1st, the greater your chances at winning. Here's a look at how the levels compare:

  • Level 2: one (1) entry
  • Level 13: five (5) entries
  • Level 19: ten (10) entries

Chop to Level 19 to max out your entries. Grand prize winner and runners-up will be announced soon after the end of Season 2.

Thank You for Sharing

Last month, over 5,000 Salad users responded to our survey on Salad Season 1. We'd like to thank the Chefs who took the time to share their recipe for better seasonal programming. Your guidance has helped us improve the Salad Season experience for everyone in the Kitchen.

As our team continues to refine every aspect of our computational cuisine, we're grateful to have the indomitable Salad Chefs as the champions at our side. We hope you'll enjoy digging into Salad Season 2 as much as we enjoyed whipping it up.