Season 1: Community Update #2


July 30, 2021

Thousands of Salad Chefs have already earned their Discord Nitro Classic Bonus at Level 10—and kept on cruising even higher! With just weeks left in the first-ever Salad Season, let's take a look at some of the newly unveiled Levels and perks.

Announcing Levels 15-19

The latest Levels introduce a trifecta of gilded avatars, an instant-unlock game code from Luci Entertainment, and personalized Balance boosts to the tune of big bucks! Check out all of the Bonuses revealed today:

  • Level 15: Golden Avocado Avatar
  • Level 16: Luci Entertainment Random Key
  • Level 17: Golden Lettuce Avatar
  • Level 18: 2X Salad Balance Bonus (up to $5)
  • Level 19: Golden Carrot Avatar

Your next Level is so close you could almost taste it. Keep Chopping to earn your next Bonus!

Coming Soon: Level 20


When the first Chefs reach Level 20, we'll add a long-awaited dash of style to the Salad Storefront. Chefs will soon be able to redeem the kind of merch you can really sink your teeth into (though we can't vouch for the flavor).

These fresh rewards will be available to everyone by the end of the Season 1—but we're dishing out exclusive swag to those l33t enough to attain this Season's ultimate Level.

Kitchen Newcomer Promo

If you're new to Salad (or if you've never used a referral code before), enter promo code "SEASON1" on the Referrals page to earn a limited-time 2X Salad Balance earnings boost.