Season 1 Community Recap


September 9, 2021

That's a wrap for Season 1—and Salad's on a roll! Nearly 100,000 Chefs joined forces to chop through this Season's Levels, earning 705,000 Bonuses and $730K in Salad Balance in the process. Our freshly-flush Kitchenites have redeemed more than 900,000 games and rewards since the Season began.

Looking back on our first-ever Salad Season, we're ecstatic to see how our community has grown. It's amazing to see 120,000 new faces around the Kitchen since the summer began. Mere hundreds of Chefs claimed their legendary swag from the lofty peaks of Level 20—but they hailed from 32 different countries.

In a few short weeks, our users shared a combined 1,257 years of compute cycles. Our distributed network now blazes through calculations at peaks of nearly 50 petaFLOPs (or faster than most supercomputers).

Thanks for making this Season one for the recipe books.

Bringing Home the Win

We'd like to thank everyone who uses Salad for making it all possible. With your help, we can truly help everyone profit from their PCs. Computesharing communities like ours may determine the fate of the free, decentralized Internet. Each new Chef in the Kitchen levels us up for the final boss.

As Salad expands to welcome millions of gamers from across the globe, we're grateful to know that the mighty Salad Chefs are on our team—because we're playing for keeps.

Coming Soon: Salad Season 2

There were some tasty milestones in Season 1, but we're still at hors d'oeuvres! Look out for more ways to earn, sweet new loot, and generous helpings of exclusive fare when Salad Season 2 arrives on October 1st.