SaladCast Episode 3: Herr Gamer Dishes on the Alpha Salad Kitchen


February 4, 2021

Welcome to SaladCast! In this podcast series, we introduce you to some of the developers, content creators, and community members who make Salad what it is. We hope you'll enjoy getting to know fellow Salad Chefs from all corners of the Infinite Kitchen.

In today's episode: Give it up for Herr Gamer! As an official moderator of the Salad Chefs Discord (and one of the first-ever Salad alpha testers!), Herr knows how the sausage gets made. Hear Jared and Alec chew the fat with one of Salad's most longstanding pros in this revealing episode about the early days of the Salad Kitchen. Just try not to lose your lunch.

Check it out at the SaladChefs YouTube Channel.