Salad Plays Kiwi Clicker From tobspr Games

July 29, 2022

Klick Your Kiwis

The goal of Kiwi Clicker is to use your big Kiwi (bird) to raise your kiwi (fruit) and gold koin output from single digits into quintillions and beyond. It sounds daunting, but put a little time into strategizing your clicks, and you’ll get to those big-league numbers.

Here are the five core stations within the game and how they work:

  • Harvest the big Kiwi: Click on the big bird as fast as you can to start slicing up kiwi fruit.
  • Ram the big Kiwi: A small Kiwi in a car rams the big bird every 3-4 seconds to give you extra sliced kiwis.
  • Send them up the chute: Your sliced kiwis are then bagged by poor little peasant Kiwis.
  • Pass through "sekiwity": Peasants pass through a TSA-style checkpoint before heading to the castle. You can manually click this station to speed up the process or upgrade it for faster delivery speeds in the next step.
  • Deliver kiwis to the castle: Peasants deliver the final product to the castle and earn you koins.

This game shows how seemingly simple titles can provide hours of fun by capitalizing on what every gamer loves to see: big numbers popping up on our screens. Big numbers are a sign of success, whether we’re dealing critical damage to the enemy or watching our mineral income skyrocket.

Transcend to New Levels of Kiwidom

Clicking until our fingers are tired can get repetitive, but Kiwi Clicker employs a Skyrim-esque leveling system to spice things up. You’ll connect minor upgrades to juicier ones that’ll net you more koins overall. As you gain koins, you fill up a meter that will summon a king Kiwi who gives you transcendence points to upgrade the king Kiwis, your clicks, or any of the five stations from that Skyrim-esque skill tree.

The most hilarious upgrade within the entire transcendence tree is the Kiwilashnikov, an upgrade that spawns a gun-toting Kiwi and modifies your clicker output to 40+ super-speed clicks. If you think Australian emus are tough, just wait until you meet a Kiwi with an AK-47.

Align to a Profession

You’ll have three professions to choose from that give certain benefits to your stations. What’s satisfying about these professions is that they’re designed for how often you play the game. They ensure that you’ll get an appropriate amount of koins and transcendence points no matter how long you play,

Here’s what makes each profession unique:

  • Archery: A Kiwi archer shoots the big bird to give you more fruit per click. Use this profession if you want to button mash for 10-20 minutes at a time.
  • Alchemy: Brew potions that modify the big bird every couple of minutes. Invest in this profession if you want to be attentive in-game, but not click as often.
  • Carpentry: Auto-upgrades your stations so you can be more efficient about your clicks. Pick this profession if you want to play every few hours.

Pump those numbers up, Chefs. Those are rookie numbers! Show us how high you can go in Kiwi Clicker with some flightless birds, a few clicks, and a little strategy.

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