SaladFest Game Discounts All Month Long


February 8, 2021

The Salad Chefs made 2020 an amazing year for our community. Our users celebrated unsung indies from dozens of home-brew developers, donated thousands to global charities, and helped offset carbon emissions for the whole Kitchen. Each of our dedicated Chefs contributed to growing the Ethereum blockchain—and made heaps of fresh lettuce doing it!

We are so grateful to our team and all our Salad Chefs that have made this such an amazing year of growth for our community! We wanted to share some of the exciting numbers. Check out our year in review. 😎 #saladchefs #YearInReview #gamingcommunity

— Salad (@SaladChefs) [February 2, 2021](

As thanks to those who keep the Kitchen cooking, we’re discounting select games and digital rewards all throughout February. You’re making a difference. Now let’s make Salad a celebration!

SaladFest Daily Discounts Start Today


Today’s pick is Dungeons 2, the classic evil empire sim from Realmforge Studios. Command the Dungeon Lord’s mighty armies and devise a network of sinister dungeons to thwart your foes—now only $3.99 at the Salad Storefront. Grab this villainously good deal before it's gone!

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