Get Ready for Salad 1.2.0: Elevating Your Chopping Experience

August 22, 2023

Get Ready for Salad 1.2.0: Elevating Your Chopping Experience

Are you a Chef who craves innovation and precision in your culinary endeavors? If so, we've got exciting news for you! At Salad, we've been listening closely to feedback from Chefs like yourself, and we're thrilled to announce the launch of Salad 1.2.0—a release that promises to revolutionize the way you chop, on your terms!

Your Voice, Our Inspiration

Your insights have been invaluable to us, guiding the evolution of Salad's features. With your feedback at the forefront of our minds, we've completed some enhancements that cater to your needs.

Let's dive into what Salad 1.2.0 brings to the chopping board:

Introducing Flexible and Customizable Chopping Modes

We understand that every Chef has their rhythm when it comes to chopping, and that's why we're introducing a groundbreaking change that empowers you to have more control over the process. The Start Button you're familiar with has made way for a sleek dropdown menu that puts you in charge.

With Salad 1.2.0, you have access to four distinct Chopping modes:

  1. 'Chop Now': Instant Gratification Salad will initiate chopping at your command and keep at it until you decide to take a break or engage with the machine.
  2. 'Pause Until Idle' (formerly known as Auto Start): Salad steps into action when your machine enters an idle state, ensuring your valuable gaming time isn't interrupted. Once you're back, Salad takes a respectful pause until you're ready to earn more loot.
  3. 'Pause Until a Set Time': Time Management Made Easy Need to focus on other tasks, like homework or running rendering jobs on your PC? No problem. With this mode, you can specify a pause time—say, 2 pm—allowing Salad to pause and then resume chopping when you're free.
  4. 'Pause Indefinitely': Total Control Sometimes, you need to take the reins. This mode lets you pause Salad indefinitely. You're in the driver's seat, choosing when to resume chopping or configure settings to start when the machine's idle or at a scheduled time.

Unveiling Exclusive Opportunities

As a gesture of appreciation to our dedicated Chefs, we're delighted to continue our tradition of rewarding those who embrace innovation. Just like previous releases, the choicest and most lucrative workloads will be exclusively available to Chefs who have upgraded to Salad 1.2.0. If the update hasn't crossed your path yet, don't fret! You can swiftly upgrade by following this link.

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Embrace the Future of Compute Sharing

With these enhancements, we aim to make your chopping experience smoother, more tailored, and ultimately, more enjoyable. Stay tuned for the arrival of Salad 1.2.0 and let the evolution of your Chef journey take center stage. Your creative expression in the Kitchen is about to be amplified like never before!