Get Increased Earnings Potential with Salad 1.0

June 10, 2022
App News

Salad Special: Get an average of 30% increased hourly earning rate with Salad 1.0.

It's been one week since Salad 1.0 left the oven, and Chefs are already stacking 30% more Salad Balance on average per hour. If you haven't updated Salad in a while, don't miss your chance at enhanced earnings in the new-and-improved Salad 1.0!

What’s Salad 1.0 again?

Glad you asked. Salad 1.0 reimagines the trusty Salad app as a widget to serve the smoothest Chopping experience on a heap of fresh features that make Salad more profitable than ever!

A video demonstrating how to start Salad 1.0.

What features come with Salad 1.0? Feast your eyes:

  • GPU/CPU Dual Mining Mode: Earn twice as nice by sharing your GPU and CPU simultaneously! Enable Dual Mining by clicking your profile avatar in Salad 1.0.
  • Smart Workload Selection: Our spiffy new logic comes equipped with dozens of new workloads and enough know-how to make better decisions while Chopping.
  • Enhanced LHR Workflows: Show the world that your GPU ain’t no lightweight. Salad 1.0 tweaks the recipe to help LHR-enabled cards extract maximized dough.

Salad 1.0 makes money moves. Dig into all the details in our official announcement post. To take advantage of improved earnings, update your Salad app today.