Salad 1.0 Makes Chopping More Profitable Than Ever

Keith Cagney
June 1, 2022
App News

With the official launch of Salad 1.0, we're introducing a smorgasbord of upgrades that will make computesharing on Salad more profitable than ever! Don't believe us? Chew on this.

Fresh New Look

Salad just got even leaner. In our 1.0 version, we've minified the core Salad desktop application into a trusty widget, so you can easily Chop right from your System Tray—but don't worry! You can still visit the classic Salad Storefront interface from the Salad menu, or by logging in at

All-New Features

The Performance tab in Salad 1.0.

You asked, we listened. Salad 1.0 delivers long-awaited features like Dual Mining, earnings projections, and hardware performance monitoring, served hot on a bed of backend logic upgrades to hone your PC into a lean, mean Chopping machine!

Update Salad today to benefit from all these upgrades:

GPU/CPU Dual Mining Mode

As any space marine will tell you, dual wielding means double the firepower. Salad 1.0 gives you the chops to share GPU and CPU compute cycles simultaneously! Enable Dual Mining to bolster your Salad Balance from two different crypto workloads at once.

24-Hour Earnings Projections

The refreshed Salad UI will now display a 24-hour earnings projection after five minutes of continued Chopping. This value is calculated based on your machine's actual performance and current market conditions for whichever crypto protocol you're running.

Hardware Utilization & Temperature Display

Bid adieu to Windows Task Manager. Salad now features an integrated dashboard so you can monitor hardware utilization and internal system temperature right from the app. Simply click on the "Performance" tab to clock your setup anytime you Chop.

Dynamic Market Monitoring

Salad knows what's up! Our network servers can now monitor minute-by-minute market conditions for all of our supported cryptomining protocols. If a more profitable job comes along, Salad will seamlessly transition over your PC for maximized moolah.

Smart Workload Selection

The best part? Now that Salad can estimate your earnings in real time, we'll only switch your rig to a new job if doing so would seriously boost your Balance. That means you'll never miss out on profits by needlessly cycling through different workloads.

Improved Hardware Detection

Salad 1.0 comes equipped with an expanded cookbook of hardware definitions to better detect your specs and find profitable workloads for nearly any PC. Users of low-VRAM hardware should see a noticeable improvement in earnings by upgrading to this version.

Enhanced LHR Workflows

Lite hashrate hardware got you down? Thanks to some inventive workload logic, Chefs using LHR-locked GPUs should begin to see greater Salad Balance gains in Salad 1.0.

New Crypto Workloads

Salad 1.0 also introduces dozens of additional cryptomining workloads, including several that are specifically suited to CPU sharing or optimized for low-VRAM hardware. Next time you enable Dual Mining mode, you just might send your rig on a brand-new gig.

Instant Error Troubleshooting

We've improved our backend error handling to detect issues as they occur. For most common problems, you'll now receive an alert explaining what went wrong, along with a link to a recommended solution from our support guides—all right within the app.

That's a lot to swallow! Head to our What's New page for additional information on the latest changes. To take advantage of all the new features listed above, please update your desktop application to Salad 1.0.

The Kitchen to Come

While building Salad 1.0, our team has been equally hard at work expanding our menu of computational cuisine. This new Salad experience incorporates overhauled backend systems that will help us introduce our first-ever workloads that don't involve cryptomining.

As we look forward to the future, we'd like to thank everyone who has helped us transform our humble Kitchen into a thriving computesharing community. Because of you, Salad has become the world's most distributed supercomputer. It wouldn't be possible without contributions from Salad Chefs like you, and we'll never forget the promise we made long ago: with every new challenge that comes our way, you'll always get to opt in, support what you believe in, and control your corner of the Kitchen.

In the meantime, we're excited to introduce new challenges and bonus opportunities to enhance the core Salad experience. If you'd like to tell us your great idea, feel free to share your thoughts on our official subreddit.