Business Operations

March 31, 2021

$105-120K • Remote

Who We Are

At Microsoft Ignite 2021, Satya Nadella said ‘we are at peak centralization; the future of cloud is ubiquitous and decentralized.’

This is the future Salad is building.

Salad activates the latent resources of idle gaming PCs on the web’s most trusted "AFK-for-pay" marketplace. Our users (or “Chefs”) turn a wealth of dormant processing power into games, DLC, gift cards, subscriptions, and more. With tens of thousands of daily active nodes, Salad’s network is rapidly growing, costs a fraction of equivalent cloud spot instances, and now rivals the world’s 5th largest supercomputer. To the cloud incumbents, we say your margin is our opportunity - and with less than 0.05% market penetration of our addressable supply, Salad truly is only just getting started!

In a world hungry for computational resources, every connected computer is vital with meaningful untapped value. Now that cloud technologies are spilling over into consumer operating systems, our workload-agnostic infrastructure layer is ready-made to tackle high-performance computing tasks. Whether the job’s P2P bandwidth sharing, AI inference training, applied edge computing—or anything else that takes hard crunching—it will be no match for our ever-ready kitchen, nor will the datacenters of Web 2.0.

Salad is at a key inflection point: we've successfully built a seed-stage product to connect gamers, their idle computers, and the ever growing demand for computer power - we have solved the ‘human problem’ that unlocks the distributed computing opportunity. Now, we're ready to put fuel on the fire and scale Salad into the next big thing in computing. Our team is turning focus towards multiple proof of concept collaborations and we’re ready to make our first business operations hire. As a team of engineers, designers and tinkerers, we need expertise from the business world who can manage company operations and handle a growing number of relationships with Fortune 500’s.

This is our first business hire, it’s an incredible growth opportunity and a position on the team that will wield significant influence. We’re raising our A round and scaling the team from 15 to 60, and your help is needed.

We support some flexibility with work schedules, but we also work together as a tight-knit team. Collaboration and meetings necessitate a time zone from UTC-05:00 (Eastern Time Zone) and UTC-09:00 (Alaska Time Zone).

Experience and Skills

  • We’re not hard on formal education, but this opportunity is suited to an MBA looking to move into the startup space; or perhaps you’ve spent a couple of years at a Tier 1 consulting firm. You have aspirations to become COO of a rapidly scaling startup.
  • At least three years working with or within enterprise scale corporations, you will be the bridge between Salad and our growing list of large customers. If you’ve also worked in a startup environment, great.
  • For the above: excellent communication skills, for both external and internal audiences.
  • Experience with contracts and business relationships, or at least a strong sense of when lawyers are needed. We operate lean, but also squeaky (legally) clean - no easy feat when your product touches the crypto space.
  • Demonstrable experience planning and coordinating business projects, ideally within the tech/software industry ...have you worked with engineers before ;)
  • Initiative. This is the one characteristic we control for here at Salad. You will not be told what to do, our expectation is that you will identify and execute on all of Salad’s business operations needs. With this comes great autonomy, but also know we are a tight knit, highly collaborative team.
  • It’s hard for us to overstate the above: you’re a self-starter. You can do a lot with a little. You know how to propose what you need to get things done.
  • Bonus if you have a deep passion for gamers, gaming creators, and the gaming/esports ecosystem, or cloud computing for that matter!
  • Expertise in intra-personal conflict resolution, you are a key component of Salad’s organizational glue


  • Reporting directly to our Founder, you’ll be handling the back end of Salad’s business, spanning legal, compliance, HR, accounting, investor relations, supplier/inventory/asset management and whatever else gets thrown your way, and whatever else you identify. Much of this is outsourced, but you pull the strings.
  • Supporting our business strategy, modelling and forecasting. Salad is confronted with multiple markets and verticals to pursue, you will have significant influence guiding our high level go to market strategy.
  • Controlling costs. It’s not just liaising with our accountants at KPMG, you’ll also have a window into all business expenses...and at any fast moving startup, therein lies inefficiencies to identify and resolve!
  • Designing and implementing processes. Nothing too corporate, but as we scale our team from 15 to 60 there will be growing pains that you can help heal.
  • Identifying performance improvement strategies, your bread and butter management consulting gig...but you actually get to roll up your sleeves, get it done, and see the real difference you make!