PayPal Rewards Now on Salad!

Keith Cagney
April 11, 2022
App News

When it comes to titanic team-ups, nothing competes with video games. Where else can you see Batman throw down with Master Chief, or hear a Horde-Alliance kumbaya beneath the World Tree? Today's legendary gaming collab sees Salad Chefs joining forces with PayPal.

You heard it here first: PayPal rewards are now on the Salad Storefront! Salad Chefs in any country where PayPal is available can take advantage of these new rewards to exchange Salad Balance with a PayPal account.

How It Works

The Salad profile settings UI.

Now you can pay with your PC anywhere you surf! Before redeeming PayPal rewards from the Salad Storefront, you'll first need to link your personal PayPal account to Salad. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Log in to your Salad account at
  2. Click your username or navigate directly to
  3. Click the "Log In With PayPal" button (shown in the image above).
  4. Log in to your PayPal account from the interstitial page that appears in your browser.(If you don't have one, you can create an account on the PayPal website.)

Once you've logged in to your PayPal account, you should be redirected to a success page letting you know that your Salad Balance has been greenlit for web-wide spending.

We're aware of an issue that may prevent certain users from connecting their PayPal accounts to Salad due to the way some browsers handle cookies. If you run into trouble, you'll be redirected to our support guide on fixing this problem.

New PayPal Rewards

These all-new PayPal rewards come in a few different flavors. Simply navigate to the PayPal rewards catalog and choose your desired value for a convenient, one-click redemption!

This first batch of PayPal rewards can only be exchanged to U.S. dollars or Euros, but we're already working on adding even more world currencies in the near future. Please sit tight!

How Soon Will I Receive My Reward?

We'll begin processing your redemption shortly after you click "Buy Now" on a PayPal reward. Most Salad Chefs should expect to receive their updated PayPal balance within 24 hours, but it may take longer for PayPal's servers to complete the transaction.*

You can check the current status of your redemption in real time from your Reward Vault. Redemptions will be marked "complete" only once the transaction has successfully arrived in your PayPal account.

*Please note: PayPal is obligated by law to audit transactions for suspicious activity. Though we expect such occurrences to be extremely rare, PayPal may legally hold fund transfers for up to 30 days. Should this occur, we unfortunately cannot expedite or influence this review process.

Why Do PayPal Rewards Cost More?

You'll notice that each of the above PayPal rewards costs slightly more in Salad Balance than its value in your desired currency. As with the prices for certain third-party gift cards already featured on the Salad Storefront, this 10% markup goes to covering all of the processing, insurance, and exchange fees associated with generating these kinds of transactions—and even leaves a small helping for the office pizza fund.

Does Salad See My Data?

By linking your PayPal account to Salad, you'll share only the basic account details needed to start processing your exchange (like your PayPal ID and the email address associated with your PayPal account). We will never access or retain more data than that, and all authentication occurs within PayPal's servers. You're just telling us where to park your millions.