Fresh Loot: New Indies for Less Than $2

August 12, 2022

We gamed, we saw, we conquered. The Indie Game Summer Sale is such a hit that we decided to add even more titles for you to check out. Pick up more indies for less than $2 SB on the Salad Storefront today.

Add these newcomers to your library:

  • Bomber Crew ($1.20 SB)

    Chocks away, sky captains! You’re in charge of a WWII bomber’s fuel, ammo, hydraulics, and repairs as enemy fighters rush to shoot you out of the sky. Training up a diverse crew will help you fix in-flight problems and get out of hairy situations quicker. Enjoy numerous ways to customize your bomber’s nose, livery, and appearance to give it a more personal touch. Nothing beats dropping bombs on the enemy with an aircraft named “GGEZ Noobs.”

  • Survivalist: Invisible Strain ($0.83 SB)

    You can blast zombies for hours on end, but do you have the survival skills to last in an open, undead world? Survivalist forces you to consider hunger, thirst, fatigue, and body temperature to intensify the Man vs. Wild atmosphere. On top of looking out for yourself, communities of people will rely on you for protection against both the living and dead. Oh yeah, and the zombies are the fast kind.

  • Panzer Paladin ($0.90 SB)

    Doom Slayer walked so Panzer Paladin could become the latest and greatest techno-demon brawler. As an android named Flame, you’ll pilot the Paladin armored mech and slash apart demonic bosses in an 8-bit realm. Fight your way across 17 expansive levels in preparation for the big daddy of them all—Ravenous, the enemy warlord. Pick up over 100+ weapons as you fight, create your own in the in-game forge, and download others from the Steam Workshop.

  • Overlord II ($1.20 SB)

    It’s time for the bad boys to take the driver's seat in this evil-focused, fantastical RPG. As the Fourth Overlord, you’ll smash, hack, and subjugate your way across the land, aided by your trusty minions—a hilarious band of goblin-like creatures with complementary skills and abilities. With the choice between destruction or domination play styles, you can align the Overlord to whichever brings you more enjoyment and your subjects greater misery.

  • Paradise Killer ($1.13 SB)

    Paradise Killer is unlike any neo-noir crime thriller you’ve ever played. A fully original, 80s-nightcore-themed soundtrack will transport you to the mind-bending island of Paradise. As the crack-shot detective Lady Love Dies, you’ll solve a heinous murder or two across this dreamy island. Paradise’s vast, open landscape will provide plenty of exploration opportunities each time you play.

July Indies Still Available

There are still plenty of popular and wacky indie titles from last month's summer sale available for less than $2 on the Salad Storefront. Spice up your library with games like:

  • Fury Unleashed ($0.98 SB)

    If you like old-school arcade shooters like Metal Slug, you’re going to love Fury Unleashed. Wombo-combo wave after wave of dynamic enemies with everything from explosives to katanas in this roguelite platformer. Chain skills together to produce epic combos that’ll make a Mortal Kombat player jealous. Fury Unleashed ticks all the boxes for nostalgia and blood-pumping action.

  • Duke of Alpha Centauri ($0.60 SB)

    Who doesn’t love shooting down hordes of enemy warships in one tiny starship? Duke of Alpha Centauri is the spiritual successor to aerial space shooters like Space Invaders and 1942. You’ll get that classic, side-to-side gameplay and opportunities to upgrade your starship into a formidable fighting machine. Challenge yourself to see how many waves you can fight through on the hardest difficulties.

  • Driftland: The Magic Revival ($0.45 SB)

    Driftland embraces the fantastical RTS genre that once made Warcraft king of the world, but tweaks the micromanagement features for a more relaxed playthrough. As the Mage Overlord, you’ll set goals for your individual units to accomplish while you focus on the bigger picture—controlling the greater Driftland. Take on the A.I. in campaign or co-op, or go head-to-head with your friends to see who will conquer this magical world.