New Salad Affiliate Program Launches Today

March 11, 2022

Greetings, Chefs! Over the last few weeks, we've been hard at work making substantive changes to the Salad Affiliate program. While the original program allowed Salad Chefs to get involved and create the kinds of compelling content that brings new people to our Kitchen, we realized that it didn't properly reward our hard-working affiliates for their role in helping our community grow. That changes today.

To give Salad Affiliates greater opportunities to grow their channels while making Salad content, we've made three major improvements to the program:

  1. We've clarified the onboarding process for new affiliates.
  2. We've established attainable and concrete milestones to achieve new reward tiers.
  3. We're providing more resources to improve and facilitate affiliate content production.

We hope these updates will streamline the affiliate advancement process and encourage more community creators to grow along with us! Check out all the details below.

How to Become a Salad Affiliate

The best thing about the updated affiliate program is that anyone with a Salad account can get started on their own. Whenever you invite fans and friends to join Salad using your personal Referral Code, you'll earn Salad Balance referral bonuses for each new who user who successfully earns $2.00 Salad Balance or more after entering your code.

Once you reach one of the referral milestones below, you'll become eligible for an official Salad Affiliate role. If accepted, you'll be assigned an Affiliate Tier based on your number of successful Referral Code completions.

Salad Affiliate Tiers

In order to relaunch the Salad Affiliate program, we looked at the past performance of our current and former Salad Affiliates to establish a new Affiliate Tier system with clearer, more achievable milestones.

Now affiliates can hit simple targets to automatically advance to new reward tiers—and score additional monthly cheevos to take their content to the next level. Check out all the tiers and perks below!

  • Applicant (pending acceptance into the program)

    • This is a trial period. Share your Referral Code far and wide!
  • Junior Affiliate: 10–25 Referral Code completions per month

    • Junior Affiliate role in the SaladChefs Discord
    • $50 Salad Balance/PayPal per month
    • One month grace period
    • Custom promo code
    • Custom download link
  • Affiliate: 26–50 Referral Code completions per month

    • Affiliate role in the SaladChefs Discord
    • $150 Salad Balance/PayPal per month
    • One month grace period
    • Custom promo code
    • Salad Swag delivery after the first month
  • Senior Affiliate: 51+ Referral Code completions per month

    • Senior Affiliate role in the SaladChefs Discord
    • $500 Salad Balance/PayPal per month
    • Unlimited grace period (unless extenuating circumstances)
    • Custom promo code
    • Custom download link

Growing Your Community

We believe that the affiliate program should be a partnership between Salad and the community. After all, by becoming a member of the Salad Affiliate program, you are fostering an appreciation for Salad within your own community—and we want to make sure we're doing everything we can to help you reach new audiences.

Moving forward, we've brought on a dedicated Salad Affiliate manager to oversee the program. They'll conduct monthly, one-on-one meetings with all of our affiliate partners, and be readily available to answer questions or address any concerns. We'll also be publishing guides on best practices, tips and tricks, and tools of the trade to help upcoming creators find success!

Swag & Equipment Bonuses

As you reach new Affiliate Tiers, we'll kick it up a notch with Salad Swag, new equipment, and other production care packages to help you take your content to the next level! Here's what you'll receive as you climb the bracket:

Junior Affiliate:

  • Salad T-shirt
  • Salad Hat
  • Salad Stickers


  • Webcam
  • Yeti Mic

Senior Affiliate

  • Green Screen
  • Lighting
  • GPU/CPU Upgrade
  • PC Upgrade

We have reworked the Salad Affiliate program to create a clear and rewarding path for upcoming content creators to form a lasting relationship with Salad—and we hope that these new Affiliate Tiers may enable top-performing affiliates to move on to the new Salad Partner program. Look out for more details on that later this year!

Continuing the Journey

We hope this revised Salad Affiliate framework makes the program even more valuable to our dedicated community creators. You have helped us turn Salad from a humble desktop app into a global computesharing community—and this is our way of rewarding you for sharing the warmth of The Kitchen.

While important, these first steps are just the start of a new and exciting journey with the Salad Chefs. Over the coming months we'll be checking our affiliates' progress, asking for your feedback, and even revising the program or its milestones as needed.

If you are interested in becoming a Salad Affiliate, or just want to learn more about the program, be sure to jump into the SaladChefsDiscord server for additional updates, or Apply Here and we'll let you know if you've got the chops. If you've already been accepted, check out our day one guide for all you need to know about getting started in your Salad Affiliate journey. Stay tuned for a special Affiliate Program Relaunch Contest coming early next month!