Mapping the Metaverse


July 9, 2021

Neal Stephenson released the sci-novel Snow Crash in 1992, just years after the Internet first registered on the global consciousness. He probably couldn't have anticipated the lasting effect it would have on the direction of the world then, or that his story would provide the formula for the future of the web.

Much of the novel's frenetic plot occurs within the Metaverse, a virtual world accessed from a peripheral headset that taps into the senses. It's a place where shrewd hackers can pick up a decent gig, if they're smart about turning down offers from the more uptight gaming studios. You could spend your whole life there, so long as you're wary of suspicious downloads from undisclosed webizens.

Apparatus Engaged

Stephenson's Metaverse—and its major thoroughfare, the Street—has since inspired a generation of game developers and technologists to realize a Metaverse of our own.

Our Metaverse will arise as the culmination of seemingly unrelated trends in entertainment and computer technology. Paragons from these disparate industries are working in tandem to define the bounds of a shared irreality that we may soon be able to enter at a whim from any screen on the planet. Salad has the same ambition.

We're doing our part to fundamentally change the way we think about home computers. Thanks to everyone in the Kitchen, our network already outpaces multimillion-dollar data centers. Salad is bringing all of our gaming battlestations online to power and perpetuate the decentralized web. In time, our hardware will define the legacy of the Internet as we know it.

Every device on Earth may soon become a springboard to the psychic pool of the Metaverse. Our world already hosts innumerable entryways to that pan-human daydream, and there are billions more Internet-of-Things devices inbound. As the line between reality and fiction grows thin, we'll help everyone leap the divide.

Put your goggles on, Chefs. We're mapping the Metaverse.


We sent some of our intrepid Chefs into the Metaverse to find out what we can. Unfortunately, things on the other side aren't clear cut. It's up to you to amplify the signal of their transmissions so we can triangulate their location and bring them back to Reality.

Hit the "Amplify Signal" button below to repost our transmissions to Twitter and unlock a limited-edition Metaverser avatar.

LOG DATE: XK129-2(1) / SUB Q.

> It won't be an easy voyage. There's still plenty of uncharted terrain.
> We've got to sound out the borders of a techno-psychic frontier.
> I'll keep sending field reports so you can triangulate my location.
> Window for good comms is closing. Can you amplify the signal?

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