Mantle Minecraft Capes Now on Salad


June 4, 2021

More Minecraft capes are soaring in today! We've partnered with Mantle to add 28 new capes to the Salad Storefront, including the never-before-seen Official Salad Cape.

28 New Mantle Capes

Smokey Rose Cape, Official Salad Cape, Qurby & Sam Cape

Pick up a fan-favorite stunner like the Smokey Rose Cape, or flaunt your bad self with the Qurby & Sam Cape. With 28 new capes to choose from, you're sure to find your brand of high-flying flare. Check out all the new capes at the Salad Storefront

Redeeming Your Cape

Gapple Cape, Gilded Cape, Devil Cape

Redeeming your Mantle Cape is easy! Once you've purchased a cape from the Salad Storefront, we'll send a redemption code for use at

Now everyone using Mantle can see you strutting your stuff! Mantle Capes are compatible with Lunar, Badline, Optifine, Forge, and most other Minecraft clients.

If you're new to Mantle, check out our guide to activating your cape once redeemed.