Fresh From the Kitchen: Improved Community Challenges


June 28, 2021

Things are getting personal! We've improved Community Challenges to give you more control over your corner of the Kitchen. You can still crush goals with fellow Salad Chefs, but the spoils of victory now come in the form of personal Bonuses to use whenever you like!

Say goodbye to 2X Balance rallies during your prime weekend gaming hours. Now that Salad Season 1 is in full swing, you'll be able to claim Community Challenge rewards from the Bonuses page to activate later on (just like a Season Level Bonus).

Donate $500 to Salad Storefront charities.

Community Challenge #6

Test your mutual mettle with this week's Community Challenge! Donate $500 in total to any charities on the Salad Storefront, and everyone in the Kitchen will receive a 2X Balance Bonus to double earnings when they want!

  • Goal: Donate $500 to any Salad Storefront charities
  • Bonus: 2X Balance Boost
  • Deadline: Friday, July 2nd - 11:59 PM (MST)

Salad will match any donations received before the challenge deadline. Visit the charities page to read up on all the organizations we currently feature on the Salad Storefront.

All Salad Chefs are eligible to participate. Community progress for active Community Challenges can be found on the Salad Storefront for the duration of the bonus period.

We'd like to thank the Salad Chefs for their enthusiastic response to Season 1. If you have a charity you think we should support, or a suggestion for a future Salad Season, please let us know over at the Features Request forum.

Stay tuned to the Salad Blog for more Season 1 surprises coming soon.