Spooks in Store: The Halloween Sale Begins!

October 28, 2022

As the dreaded day draws near, games arise from the gloom and beckon your computer into their tomb! That’s right, it’s spooky szn. It’s time to turn off the lights, grab your favorite teddy bear, and play some horror games. And thanks to our Halloween Sale, your wallet won’t be nearly as frightened as you are.

Scary Games on Sale

The following games, hand-picked from over 100 horror titles on the Salad Storefront, will supply scares aplenty for your Halloween marathon.

For those who savor atmospheric horror, Amnesia and Darkwood are musts. If you haven’t played the OG Amnesia: The Dark Descent, or the sequel, Rebirth, both are available on the Salad Storefront for less than $5.00 Salad Balance as well. Perchance you prefer indie-horror? Look no further than Red Bow and My Big Sister, chilling narratives deceptively stylized as pixelated RPGs. Remember, looks can be deceiving.

Save 20% on ExitLag Subscriptions

What could be scarier than lag during your ranked Valorant match? Thanks to our partner ExitLag’s proprietary technology, lagging out is one Halloween horror you won’t have to face this year. Grab any of the following subscriptions to make lag a thing of the past, now 20% off during our Halloween Sale:

If you’d like to try out ExitLag’s services before buying in, you’re in luck! ExitLag provides a three-day free trial that can be accessed without supplying a credit card upfront. If you’re convinced, come back to the Salad Storefront to take advantage of that 20% discount.