Game On! More Xbox Gift Cards Inbound

Keith Cagney
October 7, 2022

This week's supply drop adds new Xbox gift cards to the Salad Storefront! Now you can use Salad Balance on games, movies, and DLC from the Microsoft Store, or pay down a monthly subscription of Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold.

New Xbox Rewards

For the first time ever, we're offering snack-sized Xbox rewards to satisfy any sweet tooth. The following gift cards have been added for North American, U.K., and European regions:

Xbox gift cards can be used to redeem games for Windows PCs and Xbox consoles. If you choose to apply your gift card balance to a subscription service such as Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold, you'll also need to submit a valid credit card number to set up recurring renewal fees.

About Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass offers instant access to hundreds of titles from Microsoft's constantly updated library of games. No matter which subscription tier you choose, you'll also enjoy exclusive member discounts and day-one access to Xbox Game Studio titles. Subscriptions are available for Windows PCs, Xbox consoles, or both through Game Pass Ultimate. Ultimate also includes all the perks of Xbox Live Gold, EA Play membership, and instant play through cloud gaming.

How to Redeem

Every Xbox gift card features a unique, 25-character redemption code. Once you've scored a new Xbox reward from the Salad Storefront, you'll find this code listed in your Reward Vault. (It will also appear in the automated receipt sent to the email address associated with your Salad account.)

To redeem your gift card balance at the Microsoft Store, simply log in to your Microsoft account and enter your code at You can also enter your code through the Microsoft Store app on your Windows PC or Xbox console. See detailed redemption guides.

Seasonal Sales

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